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Philip Hobby grew up in Falmouth, ME. His parents, having met in a film course, exposed him to hundreds of the world’s cinematic offerings. However, there are still some glaring lacunae in his film knowledge. Ben Katz was born & raised in Waterville/Fairfield, ME and lives in Portland. He studied Psychology and English at Clark University to learn to write funny commercials. As a lover and performer of comedy in its many forms, Ben has missed out on some great unfunny flicks (and some hilarious ones too), and gets to catch up on movies and predict the punchlines every month. They started the Cinema 52 experiment in 2014. This year they’re on Half Flick duty, WATCHING THE FIRST HALF OF MOVIES THEY HAVEN’T SEEN AND PREDICTING HOW THEY END.

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Cinema 52

We're conducting year-long experiments that subject two Cinemanauts to a particular category of movie once a week for an entire year.

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