Hello, Junior Movie Science Cadets or whatever name we came up with for our readers! Today is the day we’d usually post the ballot to let you decide what movies we’re watching next year, but here’s another idea: not that!

You see, we’re shutting ol’ Cinema 52 down. Well, you’ll still be able to read our past articles (in theory, unless we get hacked or something), but we’re discontinuing the experiment at the end of the year. Why? Well, for one, a break would be super cool, we’ve sort of been building our entire lives around watching and assessing a movie every week for four years, and that can get to you! But if that’s not an acceptable excuse, space bats. We’re being attacked by space bats, oh no!

Anyway, we’re still the same lovable Fake Movie Scientists, so if we move on to any other film experiments, we will try to keep you posted as best as we can. We’re always cooking up something.

This seems like the section where people get thanked, but that feels more like an end of the year thing, so for now, thank YOU. Stick with us for all your Half Flicks, your Musical 52s, and your Worst Live Action Disney 52s until December 31st, and if you have any space bat recipes, send them right away.

See you… out there. Always have an escape plan. You really put the pin in the party hog now, girl.