Alright, Junior Movie Science Cadets, we like to have fun around here (*insert wacky noise, maybe a fart?*), but it’s time to get serious. Our pal David Hill, a reader who’s been supporting us since the very beginning and is directly responsible for our review of the Top Gun porn parody, needs your assistance paying off the bills from beating cancer three times.

Look at that face! Give it money! Well, the hands attached to it.

And with a smile!

David’s got a good job and a photography business on the side, but that doesn’t exactly eliminate the cost of triple-punching the Grim Reaper in his big dumb face. We don’t want David to have to go the Bryan Cranston route (ie. be in a Godzilla movie), so we’re asking you to CLICK THIS LINK TO DONATE. Anything you can spare is much appreciated. You can also share that link on your social media networks, and hey, you can support his photography business as well. Get to it! Us movie geeks gotta stick together.