Welcome to Cinema 52, where we treat movie-watching like a science.

We conduct year-long experiments that subject two Cinemanauts to a particular category of movie once a week for an entire year, monitoring how it affects their daily lives. Here are the assigned film categories as voted on by you, the readers, for 2015:

Bill is watching 52 musicals.

John is watching the 52 worst live action Disney movies.

Cinemanauts are required to post their reactions to each film in a weekly viewing, as well as post quarterly results on the effects of the experiment on them. If this is your first time here, though, we recommend you start with each Cinemanaut’s hypothesis for a closer look at their personalities and their predictions for 2015.

We also have a monthly experiment with our Lab Rats Ben and Phil called Half Flick, a feature in which they watch a movie to its exact halfway point and try to predict how it ends.

If you’re wondering how all this nonsense started, it stemmed from a three-year experiment to record the effects of watching a single assigned movie for 52 weeks. 2012 was for movies we were indifferent to, 2013 was for movies we loved, and 2014 was for movies we hated. Technically, we were testing if watching Top Gun once a week could improve your health, based entirely on a single joke by Robert Fure. Yes, it’s exhausting to watch the same movie over and over again for a year, and no, we are never trying it ourselves again. Probably.

If you’ve got an idea for your own movie-watching experiment that you’d like to pitch to us, fire an email to bill@cinema52.com.

Okay. That seems like everything. Enjoy the ride, Junior Movie Science Cadets.

This website is a parody of fair use for educational purposes only.