For almost three years now, I have been watching one movie every week for 52 weeks. Oh, hey, that’s what Cinema 52 is. Two years ago it was High Fidelity, about which I am ambivalent. Last year it was Jurassic Park, which I love. This year it’s Avatar, which I hate. And now it’s time to talk about how these films affected my life over the course of November.

I was at work early in the month, and happened to hear a few seconds of Peter Frampton’s “Baby, I Love Your Way.” I stopped in my tracks for a couple seconds trying to remember where I recognized it from. It is, of course, prominently featured in High Fidelity, so I had heard it, as sung by Lisa Bonet, 52 times in 2012.


Oh baby, I’m indifferent about your way…

Considering my high exposure to it, I’m kind of surprised that it took me as long as it did to recognize the song. But I suppose that’s only evidence of how with time even these movies which I have overexposed myself to will fade from my mind. Which isn’t such a bad thing, considering my next point.

I found myself humming music from Avatar this month. Specifically the music that plays when Jake and Neytiri happily fly their little dragons around.


Stop dive-bombing my mind!

I really was hoping to make it through the year with a minimal amount of Avatar contamination in my life, but nevertheless, it is seeping in. Ech. But, I can’t feel too bad. By comparison, I was going nuts over Jurassic Park this time last year. A couple of strains of Avatar music isn’t so bad.

One more month to go, Avatar. One more month.