Hi again, everybody! My brain done got affected by movies! Like the time I watched Top Gun all year (2012) or the time I watched Back to the Future all year (2013) or this year (2014) where I’m watching The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring every week, agh, why? Why? Because you don’t know how an experiment ends until you try it! Here’s the part where we see how it’s ending. These are my results: how exposure to these movies over a period of three years is affecting my life. Specifically in October of 2014. LET’S DO THIS.

I surprisingly only had one result pertaining to The Fellowship of the Ring. I’m not sure why. Am I guarding my brain from the movie? Am I oversaturated with its sights and sounds? Am I thinking about Middle-earth so much that only the most intense memories of it seem worth writing down? Well, whatever the reason, the one time Fellowship fever really hit me was on a car ride with Cinemanaut John on October 19th. He put some Bob Dylan on (he does that) and part of the song “Slow Train Coming” sounded like the Fellowship’s theme to me.

Speaking of trains and the Fellowship, watch this.

Well, on to the next movie.

So I’ve been having a pretty shitty 2014. Yes, on top of the fact that I’m watching Fellowship, a movie that I can’t stand, every week. Just a lot of things not going right. Well, while driving around on October 20th, “The Power of Love” by Huey Lewis and the News came on the radio. Normally I would change it, having maxed out on the song last year watching Back to the Future every week, but in the moment, it reminded me of a happier time, analyzing my favorite film, watching a bunch of other time travel movies with my friends, and generally just loving life. Which is why I cranked Huey right the hell up and sang along and felt a little bit of real joy.

Then was immediately scolded for being too darn loud.

I never once thought about Top Gun this month and am starting to wonder if the film ever existed at all.

It was Minority Report the whole time, wasn’t it?