Here’s the scenario. 52 Top Guns. Then 52 Back to the Futures. Working on 52 LOTR: Fellowships. Here’s what September 2014 sucked like.

On September 2nd, I was writing down time codes at work and one of them was 34:34. As I read it aloud, I started to add “of the Second Age” because the year 3434 of the Second Age is the date Gandalf sees on Isildur’s account of acquiring the Ring.

“Dear diary, there’s a new Elf girl in my class…”

On September 24th, I was watching an episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (“Blaze of Glory”) and Michael Eddington made a circular hand gesture. I instantly heard Boromir say “the Great Eye,” because he makes a similar hand gesture when describing Mordor.

These two franchises have so much in common!

On September 4th, I was training a new employee on how to use a video router. I said, “This tells you where it’s going, this tells you where you are, and this tells you where you were…” and then I had to stop the lesson and apologize for having a brain fart because it just hit me that the router I use every weekday is set up like the temporal display in Back to the Future, and I started to describe it just like Doc does: “This one tells you where you’re going, this one tells you where you are, this one tells you where you were.”

For the record, I work for a crazy old man that offers “scientific services.”

On September 5th, I dreamed that I went to a store that sold nothing but Back to the Future T-shirts. Outside the store, I found a DeLorean and started ramping it over things. I drove past Michael J. Fox at one point. He waved hello.


On September 19th, I dreamed I went back in time and couldn’t figure out exactly what year it was. I ran into my dad and couldn’t tell what age he was. I discovered the year was 1980 and freaked out that I may have unborned myself.

Hand Fade


On September 24th, I saw a California license plate in a supermarket parking lot and did a double take because I thought it said “OUTATIME.” Nope. Not even close.

In fairness, it was hard to read while spinning.

Fuckin’ nothing. See ya!