Time is speeding right along here at Cinema 52. Back in 2012, I spent a year watching High Fidelity once every week. Then I watched my beloved Jurassic Park all throughout 2013. Now I’ve got four months of weekly viewings of James Cameron’s wretched Avatar to finish out 2014. Now that August has come to an end, it is time for my monthly recap of the continuing effect these three films are having on my life.

Lets star with this year’s film. Are the blue cats driving me mad?


You’d think they would.


In fact, I haven’t noticed any Avatar thoughts intruding themselves into my day-to-day life. I spend three hours a week viewing the film, and any thoughts I have about it seem to stay there. Hunky dory. Next.

Also nope. Not thinking about it.


Against all odds, this doesn’t factor into my daily life.

Oh, here’s where all the results are hiding… a few, anyway.

Watching Guardians of the Galaxy with its prominently featured mixtape made thinking about High Fidelity‘s Rob Gordon somewhat unavoidable. But the Guardians mixtape has so much more heart than anything John Cusack’s mopey record store owner is likely to slap together. Rob Gordon has a list of absurd rules that he follows which, like him, come off as creepy and self-absorbed. You get the impression that every tape Rob makes is designed more to show off his own expertise than it is to please the listener. Peter Quill’s mixtape, on the other hand, is just a collection of songs gathered by someone who loves him. I’m sure Awesome Mix Vol. 1 wouldn’t pass Rob’s muster, but that’s just fine.


As always: fuck you, Rob Gordon.

Near the end of the month, I watched Judd Apatow’s Funny People, and noted that I was distracted by the fact that Lili Taylor, who played Sarah Kendrew in High Fidelity, made an appearance. This is odd, because on further investigation, it would seem that Taylor is not in the film at all. Who did I see? Why did I think it was Lili Taylor? You would think that after seeing her in High Fidelity 52 times I would be able to tell her apart from people who are not her. Apparently not.


Were you even in High Fidelity, Lili Taylor, or did I imagine that too?

Having said all that, I can confirm that it was in fact Todd Louiso that I spotted in an episode of Frasier.


This, at least, is real.

That’s it for August. Sorry, Jurassic Park and Avatar, I just don’t have time for you this month, apparently. Maybe in September.