OBJECTIVE: Watch Avatar once per every week of 2014.

WHEN: August 22, 2014, 6:17 pm. (Week 34, August 17-23.)

WHERE: In my apartment in Portland, ME.

FORMAT: DVD on a 19” AOC LED computer monitor; digital download on an iPhone 3.


PHYSICAL AND MENTAL STATE: Sore from exercise. Full of Thai food. Exhausted.

Alright. It’s getting to that point in the year. I am rapidly losing the ability to form cohesive thoughts about Avatar. The faucet of my mind has slowed down to a slow drip. But a slow drip is still something. So today I present to you three small droplets of thought on Avatar:

1.) How does the link transmit the driver’s thoughts to the avatar’s brain?
I know it’s dumb movie science, and movie science doesn’t have to make real sense, but I’ve got a slight problem with the avatar links. Presumably they function using some sort of Earth technology. Okay, but the movie has established that the weird magnetic flux near the tree of souls disrupts all of our communications. Yet, avatars function near the tree of souls all the damn time. What gives? 


Trudy’s instruments go all wonky, so why doesn’t the same thing happen to Jake’s brain?

I guess maybe they run off of the natural vibes of the planet, but that wouldn’t make sense, because the humans barely even know those are there, so how could they harness them? I have no answer. But it bothers me.

2.) The word Toruk reminds me of a particular Indian music video.
Whenever anyone says Toruk (the Na’vi word for Last Shadow, which is their name for the Great Leonopteryx), I start thinking of “Tunak Tunak Tun,” by Daler Mehndi, and its music video which became quite popular in the late ’90s.

It’s mostly the chunk that starts 27 seconds in. For all the world I think it sounds like he’s saying “Toruk toruk, toruk toruk, toruk toruk doo dadada.” I’m really not sure if this signifies anything. It probably doesn’t.

3.) The atmosphere at the tree of voices reminds me of Disney’s Robin Hood.
You know that scene where Jake and Neytiri romantically converse beneath a grove of trees containing the memories of a bunch of dead people?


This scene.

For some reason, it really reminds me of the following scene from Disney’s Robin Hood.

Maybe it’s the lighting, maybe it’s the fact that the two lovers have pointy animal ears and big eyes. I couldn’t say. But I can say that I prefer the one with the animated foxes.

So, until next time…


I see you.