OBJECTIVE: Watch Avatar once per every week of 2014.

WHEN: June 6, 2014, 4:07 pm. (Week 23, June 1-7.)

WHERE: In my apartment in Portland, ME.

FORMAT: DVD on a 19” AOC LED computer monitor; digital download on an iPhone 3.

COMPANY: Sarah Winifred Searle.

PHYSICAL AND MENTAL STATE: Tired out from long week of work.

This week I was joined by the lovely and talented local artist Sarah Winifred Searle, who created this awesome cartoon after the viewing:


While Jake was busy picking at his butt, Sarah picked up on a couple of elements of Avatar‘s character design that I had not noticed in my previous 22 viewings. For example, presumably as a result of the combination of human and Na’vi DNA, Jake Sully has five fingers on each hand, while the full-fledged Na’vi only have four.


If the same goes for toes, one of those piggies isn’t getting to market.

She also pointed out that instead of having the normal cat-like Na’vi nose, Dr. Augustine’s avatar has retained all of her human features, giving her a slightly creepy appearance.


I suppose they didn’t want to waste Sigourney Weaver on a character lacking her famous face.

Having Sarah along was a very nice break from watching the film all by my lonesome, though I should probably note that I ended up complaining about the film much more than is polite. Sadly, I’ve watched Avatar so often that I’ve forgotten that not everyone knows it from start to finish, and might not appreciate me ranting over the dialogue. When it comes to Avatar, I’m a bit of a grumpy pants, but at least my pants don’t have a tail hole for me to pick at.

To see more awesome art by Sarah, check out her website, swinsea.com and follow her on Twitter and Tumblr!