Man, is a lack of enthusiasm for writing up my monthly results also a result? Maybe. I suppose this whole experiment isn’t really hard science so much as testimonial “gut” science. Which might as well be maaagic.

Yeah, butterflies and shit.

So yes, I hate all things Lord of the Rings, and I’ve watched The Fellowship of the Ring not once, not twice, not thrice, but four times in the month of January, as required by this increasingly questionable weekly experiment. You might think four measly viewings wouldn’t be enough to mess with one’s mind, but you haven’t taken into account that fucking incredible theme music. I could barely remember the tune just a month ago, but now I’ve been humming it so often that I didn’t even bother to note when it was stuck in my head. For at least the first two weeks, Howard Shore set up camp in my brain. I would sometimes kick it off by saying, “To the bridge at Kaza Doom!” And I don’t even know what the fuck that is.

Or if I’ve spelled it in a way that makes nerds adorably angry.

One of my biggest peeves, however, is absorbing facts about a film that bores me in a series that repels me. Yes, I hate knowing the dumb names of dumb cities and dumb monsters, but the real crack in my sanity came on January 20th, 2014, at 5:41 am. Two things you need to know: I’m the person that edits all of our Cinema 52 articles, and Cinemanaut Adam is one of the biggest, breathiest fans of this franchise I know. And yet, in his article on the different types of comedy in Wild Wild WestI had to correct him on the spelling of “Middle-earth.”

You guys are lucky you don’t see these articles before I’m done with them. Yeesh.

I’m also seeing iconic Lord of the Rings… stuff… wherever I look. Check out a couple panels from a Fantastic Four comic I was reading (#273, “Fathers and Others”) on January 28th, 2014, at 11:25pm:

Take off the ring, Sue! Take off the ring!

I’d like to draw your attention to the second panel right away. Yes, that’s just a weird spaceship thing blowing up, but to me, it looked like the Eye of Sauron. If you look at the panel before it, though, you’ll see a specific mention of J.R.R. Tolkien. Did that prime me to see Rings-y shit? Was the similarity intentional? The comic predates the movie by roughly 17 years, but damn, it looks exactly like the movie version. I started to wonder how the Eye was described in the books, and then I remembered that I don’t care. Because I don’t care. Right?

Oh, fuck, this feels like caring!

No, no, don’t get the wrong idea. It takes a lot of dough to acquire the proper materials for Cinema 52, and I wanted to get everything I might possibly need for research at the beginning of the year. (Wanna guess how much 156 time travel movies cost?) It’s not like I watched Fellowship once and said, “Oh, I gotta read this right away!” So this isn’t a result. The result will be when I violently crack open the first book shouting, “What does it mean?!” I’m guessing in about… three months? I’ll probably be wearing a loincloth? I feel like that requires a loincloth.

Switching over to weekly screenings of Fellowship doesn’t mean I’m not still getting results from last year’s 52 viewings of Back to the Future. While being a huge fan of that film may make it hard to determine what sort of behavior is significant to the experiment, holy shit, a dream I had on January 3rd is most definitely relevant data. I dreamed I was being hunted down by the Predator in the jungle. Big squad of soldier buddies and everything. One of them mentioned that Preddy was going to melt my brain. All of a sudden, a clip of Back to the Future started playing.

Sort of like a reverse commercial.

It was the scene where George is talking about Darth Vader melting his brain, and hot damn, did I wake up right away and write that down. This wasn’t a clip of the movie on a monitor or Marty and George wandering past me through the jungle. I made a connection between my dream and the movie, and like a guest on a late night talk show, I pulled up a clip. The jungle, the Predator, the soldiers, gone. Smash cut to an ’80s movie. Guys, I am storing Back to the Future in my brain like those people in the woods in Fahrenheit 451.

Other than the dream, I haven’t had any major Future attacks, though I got a little nostalgic on January 31st. In the afternoon, I found out about the Back to the Future musical that was recently announced, and I went a little crazy with some tweets about potential song titles. Later that evening, I watched the documentary Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony, and the camaraderie of the Bronies made me sort of wish for some kind of FutureCon where I could nerd out about flux capacitors and temporal displays. I… almost teared up a little?

What’s our bro hoof, Future Fans? Also, what’s our cutesy fandom name?

I seem to be unaffected by 2012’s 52 weeks on Top Gun… for now.