WHEN:  10:06 pm EST, December 13th, 2013

WHERE: The living room of my apartment in Portland

FORMAT: Blu-Ray on a Vizio 32″ LED HDTV

COMPANY: Cinemanauts Bill and John.

PHYSICAL AND MENTAL STATE: My written notes say “Drinky Drunk w/ Wine.”

I decided to join Cinemanauts Bill and John for a triple feature of our films accompanied by drinking alcoholic beverages. I went last, which was a poor idea. We three Cinemanauts are all early risers, so with the addition of alcohol, our ability to stay awake was greatly hampered. Bill left just after the Swamps of Sadness with the promise that he would return. He never did. I found him in bed fully clothed, sleeping on his phone and drooling on my pillow.

Exactly how I remember it.

John stuck it out with me… barely. I’m pretty sure he dozed off a few times, but he piped up with the odd question or comment, so he gets brownie points for that. Maybe also some brownies for being a good sport.

I was determined to keep excellent written notes through the experience, but utterly failed. When I checked the next day, I saw I only had three things written down. The first was: “Is unicorn hand a thing?”

It’s the Illuminati!

It’s a damned good question, Drunk Becca. Bastian does that weird hand thing when his dad is chastising him for drawing horses in his math book. Bastian mumbles, “Unicorns. They’re unicorns.”

My second note was: “There’s already been too much discussion about NES III.” John mentioned that it was nice that The NeverEnding Story II: The Next Chapter used the same kitchen. I commented that it wasn’t used in the third film because Bastian moved and there were dumb reasons why. As far as I remember, this was our only discussion about The Neverending Story III: Escape From Fantasia. One comment is apparently “too much.”

Proof of this truism.

My final note was a simple: “Sleep drunk.” Which is accurate to my memory. My brain was more foggy from being up late than from my delicious wine. The plus side of this is that sleepiness and drunkenness allow you to time travel. The NeverEnding Story went by much faster in my inebriated state than any other viewing I’ve done this year.

When I woke up the next day, I endeavored to piece together bits of my memory. This was quite futile. After eating a lovely bunch and taking a nap, things were better. For example, John was very sneery about the city Bastian walks through. John thought it looked all European. I corrected him because I knew the city shots were done in Vancouver. John then wondered if I would ever travel there to tour the alley where Bastian gets stuffed into a dumpster. No, John, not even if a shady bum assured me he knew the exact alley I was looking for.

Pretty sure I could find it myself, anyways.

Another thought I had was that if the international distribution has the German title on the book, then do a bunch of Europeans think Bastian is some sort of prodigy for reading a German-language novel?

He may hate math, but this kid’s a genius.

I also remember attesting several times that the Stupid Bat is the best character.

I stand by this statement.

Knowing that John has a love of printed books, I had to point out to him the part where Bastian almost sets the book on fire. It’s brief, but dammit, kid, look where you’re tossing that stolen book.

It worries me every time.

When G’mork appeared at the end, I told John all about the book version of the encounter. In The Neverending Story, the Childlike Empress accepts all the creatures in her realm as they are, even the ones who are evil or nasty. G’mork meets an evil sorceress at Spooky City and she offers to take him in. Then she drugs him and chains him up to starve or be destroyed by the Nothing. You see, even though she’s evil, the sorceress loves the Empress for accepting her and is incensed that G’mork would help destroy their world.

Pictured above: Too Evil.

It was also necessary that I point out to John that Atreyu walks into a “flowery vagina” when he goes to meet the Empress.

I don’t care how important you are, vagina doors are weird.

This drunk viewing was an opportunity to let my ideas flow a bit better, but didn’t add too much to the actual viewing experience. I wish I hadn’t been so tired, either. Being alert and drunk is very different and I may have been able to enjoy my movie more that way.