November was a month to saddle up and ride this train to Bean Town. Watching The NeverEnding Story was an exciting thing to check off my “To Do” list each week because it meant I was one viewing closer to the end of this experiment. And it wasn’t a vindictive check; I felt invigorated.

There will be excessive use of this screenshot for the remainder of the year.

I was actually hoping at this point in the experiment that I would have something to report: dreams, unintentional quotes, dragon rides. But nothing. I think that since the end is so near, I’ve already shuffled The NeverEnding Story out of my brain. It’s something that I did, not something I’m still doing.

I spent most of November looking forward to watching Wolfgang Petersen films. Check out Wolfgang Bang here, here, and here. The project was a nice break from my ritual movie-watching, but I didn’t think about The NeverEnding Story much. Mostly I just hoped for more Surprise Jurgen Prochnow.

There needs to be more of this man in the world.

November was another month to realize that films just don’t affect me that much, even when I watch the same one every week. Maybe I just don’t love The NeverEnding Story as much as I thought. Or perhaps the bigger issue is that I don’t have anyone to share my love with. Cinemanaut Bill has said that he really enjoys my film, especially the final Ivory Tower scene.

The Best Meta Reveal or the Greatest Meta Reveal?

We’re just on two different levels of film knowledge. We can discuss themes, but not the minute details. When you truly love a film, everything has three or four meanings, sometimes more, because you have excessive amounts of background knowledge that the general populace is totally unaware even exists.

November wasn’t a month with noticeable results, but it was a month to reflect on the remainder of year. There are only a few viewings left until I will have to say good-bye to Bastian and Fantasia. I’m equal parts sad and elated. No longer will I be forced to watch a film repeatedly. I can watch what I want, when I want, as many times as I want. The freedom will be a relief.