Sixth Iteration


“System recovery may prove impossible.”

- Ian Malcolm

There is such a thing as too much Jurassic Park. Having now watched the film once a week for eleven months, I am confident of this. The film is popping up in my brain while I’m working, when I’m watching TV, even while I sleep. My brain is under assault. There is nowhere to hide. At the same time, when I’m actually viewing the film, my mind is strangely blank, and I find myself unable to focus. The power has gone out, and Jurassic Park has learned how to open doors… in my mind.


Clever film.


All manner of things are dredging up Jurassic Park thoughts, for mostly illogical reasons. For example, the following video about an IKEA full of cats immediately got me sidetracked, thinking about Jurassic Park. Can you guess why?

No? Well, that’s probably because Jurassic Park hasn’t been messing with your brain all year. But when I hear someone say, “With that many cats… it’s unpredictable,” Ian Malcolm’s ravings about unpredictability in complex systems immediately fill my thoughts. But that’s completely sane compared to some other occurrences.

For example, I was at work and I walked past a customer who was snacking on something. He put his fingers up to his mouth to pop a tidbit in, but my mind interpreted this as him preparing to put his fingers down his throat to induce vomiting. When I imagined this, I pictured him turning to me and spitting venom into my eyes like a Dilophosaurus. It’s bizarre, it’s stupid, but apparently it’s my go-to thought when I think about someone vomiting.


A bad day, even by retail standards.


Well, it’s time for another round of “interpret the bizarre notes I jotted down about dreams during the middle of the night.”

Nov 14. JP dream turns into nuclear post atomic terror as nuclear blasts bombard earth from orbit. Time travel? Government?

Having no recollection of this dream whatsoever, your guess is as good as mine. What is clear is that it involved Jurassic Park, and was not very pleasant. It also appears that frequently joining Bill for his Time Out movies has pushed time travel into my subconscious mind.

Nov 18. Dreamed driving around theme park with lex and Tim in giant robotic trex.  It’s interior was like an SUV. It was owned by Lando Calrisian.

This dream I remember well. Though poorly written, my nocturnal note appears to sum things up quite accurately. Yes, it was as awesome as it sounds.


“I’ve just made a deal that will keep the Raptors out of here forever…”


Oh, hey, is that a dinosaur?


Nope, just a whale skeleton in The Adjustment Bureau. I totally thought it was a dinosaur. A result? Probably.

Speaking of people going crazy over movies, I watched Room 237, a film about conspiracy theories regarding The Shining. The people in that documentary find some really bizarre patterns in Stanley Kubrick’s classic. I may watch Jurassic Park a lot but at least I don’t… oh, hey what’s Shelley Duvall doing over there?


Locking someone who had been chasing her through a kitchen into a freezer, and putting the pin in the lock? Is the kitchen scene in Jurassic Park a direct homage to The Shining? Gasp!

Oh, also, a guy in The Perfect Storm has some neat night vision goggles.
No one mentions their weight, so we have no way of knowing if they were expensive or not.


In other news, despite thinking about Jurassic Park all the damn time, I find myself completely unable to focus on the film as I’m watching it. I found it very difficult to form any new coherent thoughts this month. I looked at little odds and ends, wallowed in hungover misery, and eventually just gave up. At the end of the month I was able to dredge up a new point, but only by bringing Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Lost World into the mix.

During November I was desperately in need of something, anything to spice up my viewings, but too exhausted by the film to actively seek them out. Perhaps the saddest note in this section is in the form of another dream. On November 22nd, I dreamt about how nice it would be to have company while viewing. That’s just plain sad. Why didn’t I invite anyone over to join me? Well, at this point, I’ve seen the film so many times that I automatically assume others are tired of watching it too.


I suppose I can hope that, in time, Jurassic Park will start to fade from my mind. I rarely think about High Fidelity, the film I watched every week in the first year of the experiment. Occasionally, it will pop up. For example, I was sitting in Starbucks when “The Boy with the Arab Strap” by Belle and Sebastian started playing, and I was immediately reminded of  Rob Gordon’s bland obnoxious life.


Fuck that.

Now, “The Boy with the Arab Strap” isn’t featured in High Fidelity, but another song from the same album is, and apparently that’s enough to put the film into my mind. Just wonderful.


I love Jurassic Park, but this is getting out of hand. I’m exceedingly thankful that there is only one month left, because I don’t think I could take much more. I’m backed up against the control room door, and the film is trying to push its way in. Oh well, it’s probably a losing battle.


And even if I boot up the door locks, it’ll just break through the glass.