Since January 1st, I’ve been watching Jurassic Park once every week; yet, for the last several months, it didn’t seem to be having much of an impact on me. In August it wasn’t really there, and in September it was only sneaking into my dreams a little. But come October, I was seeing dinosaurs popping up in more places than I would have expected. For example…


I was at work, when I happened to look at the patch of concrete below my feet. Holy crap! It’s a dinosaur.



At least, I think it looks like a dinosaur. Can you see the little T-rex head, and tiny little arm? I’ll admit it’s kind of Rorschachy. Feel free to tell me there’s nothing dinosauresque about this. It will only prove that the movie has truly infected my mind.


So I was walking down the street one evening, when I came upon a horrible catastrophe:


OMG, car in a tree, WTF!!??!?!

Just kidding, it’s from an episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Marvel’s mediocre foray into the world of network television. Something mysterious threw that car up into a tree. Was it Magneto? Or Dr. Doom? Well, no, and that’s beside the point. What’s significant is that, as a weekly viewer of Jurassic Park, it looked startlingly familiar…


Oh, hey, it’s even an SUV both times.

You’ll have to watch for yourself, if you want to see how Agent Coulson and pals take out the T-rex that was no doubt responsible for this shit.


Jurassic Park continued to influence my dreams, as my hastily scribbled sleep-notes prove. Sadly, upon waking, I had no memory of either of these:

Oct. 6
Dino in cage. Scary. Followed by bad depression/anger motel thing.

Oct. 14
Vaguely dinosaur related afforism stated by jake the dog. shot glasses three.

It would appear that the dream from the 6th was less than pleasant, and I have no desire to know what the “bad depression/anger motel thing” might have been. The one on the fourteenth sounds a little more fun, as Adventure Time‘s Jake the Dog is always a fair omen, and one might surmise that he was offering me my choice of  three alcoholic drinks. How dinosaurs got involved is anyone’s guess. The sleeping mind keeps many secrets.


“I’ll never tell.”


It’s finally happened. Jurassic Park is affecting my speech patterns. As of late, I’ve noticed myself using the phrase “aye, aye, aye” when mildly distressed, echoing John Hammond’s, “Aye, aye, aye, why didn’t I build in Orlando.” I’ve caught myself doing this, usually when talking to myself (also not a good sign), since early October.

In a more disturbing turn, a phrase from High Fidelity, last year’s film, popped into my head as well. It was early one morning, and I was getting ahead of myself, making plans for the future when my own mind interrupted me in the voice of Rob Gordon. It said, “We’re not there yet, Vince.”


Ugh. Get out of my head.

In the film, he says Justin, not Vince. But what really bothers me is that the line is completely inconsequential and comes from an unimportant subplot of the film. That such a mundane, obscure phrase slipped so easily into my mind shows that, though I’ve tried to put High Fidelity behind me, it’s still lurking just below the surface.


While shopping late in the month, I took a brief detour into that saddest of realms, the pet shop. I was truly amazed at how much the birds reminded me of Jurassic Park‘s dinosaurs. I suppose it’s a real tribute to Phil Tippett and friends that their creations seem so lifelike; the birds remind me of dinosaurs, not the other way around.

It makes the prospect of owning a bird a lot cooler.


It’s been chewing the bars… systematically.

Clever bird.

Oof. That’s quite a bit of Jurassic Park. What will the final two months of the experiment bring? Only time will tell.