Fifth Iteration

Fifth Iteration

“Flaws in the system will now become severe”

-Ian Malcolm

I’ve been watching Jurassic Park once a week for nine solid months now. The act of watching the film has, for the most part, ceased to be much fun, but I still enjoy discussing and writing about it. I’ve gotten into a routine, and Jurassic Park seems to be fairly contained, with only minimal and occasional effects on my waking life. But although dinosaurs seem to have abandoned my conscious thoughts, the big piece of news for September is that they appear to have taken over my dreams. It is unusual for me to remember my dreams. Unless I’m sick, I’ll remember maybe one every month or two. During the month of  September, I’d say I had six or seven. Of these, three were explicitly about dinosaurs or Jurassic Park. Coincidence? Unlikely.


Perhaps mercifully, I cannot remember the first of my September dinosaur dreams, and am only aware of its existence because of a hastily typed noted on my phone:

Sep 5

Time travel dream then Dino cages. Global warming?

Though lost, likely forever, to the inner reaches of my mind, it can reasonably be assumed that the time travel portion of this dream is attributable to Cinemanaut Bill‘s portion of this experiment. I had, the previous weekend, joined him for a large chunk of his “Threequel Weekquel,” in which he looked at franchises that inexplicably resorted to time travel for their third installment. How global warming got into the mix, I cannot say.


The subconscious is a terrifying place.


The very next night, I had my second Jurassic Park-related dream. This one I remember vividly.

I was checking out of a somewhat seedy German hotel, and was chatting with the rather cute Fräulein behind the counter. They had a rack with a small selection of books, and I thought it would be cool to pick up a German copy of Jurassic Park.


Cool shit.

Unfortunately, there were no copies to be found. Oddly enough, they did have a book specifically on the plant life featured in Jurassic Park. Enthused, I tried to say that The Plants of Jurassic Park was “cool in its own right,” but I accidentally said “cool in its own Reich.” This Fruedian slip did not impress the German girl, and I was very embarrassed. I tried to smooth things over, but like a bad comedy, I kept blurting out more and more Nazi-related puns.

It was awkward, and I awoke.


It wasn’t until the end of the month that I had another relevant dream. Again, the only clue I have to its contents is a short, cryptic message:

Sep 29.

Burnt down house. Floated away w matt in coral river. PBS coral. Torosaurus coral.

This was just after I heard the news about Triceratops and Torosaurus being one and the same. I have no idea how a burning house became involved. I am unsure why I was floating down a coral river with my brother, Matt. Hell, I’m not even sure what a coral river is. The coral part seems to have been important, though, seeing as I repeated it three damn times. I’d also bet that PBS had nothing to do with this, but is the result of an early morning auto-correct. Alas, the world may never know.


While Jurassic Park does not appear to be affecting my waking existence, I am troubled to report that it seems to be running wild in my subconscious. Now I must simply wait and hope the uncontrolled dinosaurs in my mind don’t break out and wreak havoc on my day-to-day life.