WHERE: Long’s Board Shop at 209 Western Ave. in South Portland, ME

FORMAT: Blu-Ray through a PlayStation 3 on a Samsung 32″ LED HDTV

COMPANY: Sarah Long, frequent guest here on Cinema 52, co-owner of Long’s Board Shop, and meteorologist; and Tom Long, husband to Sarah, co-owner of Long’s Board Shop, and science teacher. Several shop employees and customers coming and going, also. And Cinemanaut Becca at the end.

PHYSICAL AND MENTAL STATE: Pretty psyched. A little worried by a false start at 4:25pm (no dialogue track?), but reassured by the calming effects of a can of Sunkist.

Guys. Seriously. I know scientists that own a skate shop. Could you have better guests for a Back to the Future viewing?

As viewings go, this was one of the best. I kicked back on a puffy orange couch while people skated around me or commented on how much they loved the movie. I got to watch a 4-year-old girl stare absolutely transfixed at the screen before her mother had to rattle her back to the real world. And wouldn’t you know it? Adam, one of their skaters, is also a guitarist, and he informed me that Marty owning a freakishly tiny guitar would affect the sound. And, most important of all, I now know that Doc’s gleeful shouting at the end of the movie is actually a scream of terror resulting from his burning pubes.

There go Jules and Verne.

I am reinvigorated for the rest of the year. Thanks, everybody.

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