This was a weird month. I’ve got a lot of changes going on, life-wise. Big changes. The biggest being that I proposed to My Lady, and thankfully she said yes. Well, first she said, “Holy Shit! Really? Seriously? Are you sure?” and only after all of that did I get a yes. I also had a ten-year reunion show for an improv group that I was once a part of that was happening three years too late. That is a thirteen-year anniversary show, for those of you playing along.

These events happened in the same day, and that felt all kinds of weird. It was the fact that I was taking a big step forward in my life and yet was back doing improv with a group that I joined in the spring of 2006. One way or another, we all end up back where we started, right? I am excited for the future, yet still feel like I have one foot sunk firmly in the past. I hope to break that feeling soon. It is time to move forward with my life, and I am starting to see that. Watching Ghostbusters every week sort of underlines that. We are on Year Two of this glorious experiment and it seems that all of the movies that us Cinemanauts have are those from our childhoods.

The four of us get to explore something that had a sizable impact on our childhoods and sort of reevaluate it through the lens of adulthood. Well, man-childhood for me. What was it about these movies that drew us to them as kids, and why did they continue to earn our admiration through the years? Is this strictly nostalgia taking hold of us or do these movies speak to us in a profound way? Even if that way is only understood to us.

Anyway… holy fucking shit, I am engaged. That is something that will take a while to get used to. I have now said that there is this one person that I want to promise to live for, well, forever. “Forever” in the relative context of me and how I personally perceive time. Maybe I am not such a man-child after all.