WHEN:8:00 am EST on March 9th, 2013

WHERE: Number 1

FORMAT: DVD on a Teletraan 1



I have seen a lot of articles and YouTube videos about misrepresentation in media. No one is represented well according to, well, everyone. I think that this is a very big problem that should be addressed. No one should be stereotyped. Sadly, Ghostbusters does discriminate against a vast group of people. This group is constantly made fun in many forms of “entertainment” and it has to stop. The sad thing is that these stereotypes are being perpetuated by the same people that they discriminate against: Canadians.

Louis Tully is clearly Canadian, much like the actor who plays him, Rick Moranis. This comes through in his accent, and how he ends some of his lines with an “eh.” This is not the most hurtful stereotype that is being portrayed though; what is really hurtful is the fact that Louis is just too fucking nice all of the time. He bends over backwards trying to do things for Dana. Okay, yes, he is totally trying to hit that, but Louis even invites Dana and her date (Peter) to his party. This is after we see him physically disappointed that Dana pulled a bitch move and not only forgot about his party but made romantic plans on the same night. You could say that she was intending only to go over the information that Peter had on Zuul and Gozer, but she described the meeting as a date right to Louis’ face as well as to her mother via a phone call.

Louis is friendly to a fault. He is walked all over and seems unaffected by it. Granted, he has clearly fallen for Dana and a lot of his actions are excuses to talk to her. Louis also gives off a stalker vibe. I think this is him not knowing how to interact with people. You see this more at his party with how he talks to his guests. He is just an awkward, way-too-polite Canadian.

I guess I will just politely sit here with electricity running through my brain.

Dan Aykroyd is also Canadian and doesn’t really do anything that is offensive towards Canadian culture, except maybe wearing a Canadian Tuxedo during the scene where Dana was telling her story and being examined by Egon. I guess that is classy. He is also drinking Budweiser. Not Bud Light, full-on unadulterated Budweiser. This seems like an attempt to reaffirm the oh-so-damaging stereotype that Canadians like shitty beer. Canadians do not like shitty beer, they just export all of their shitty beer around the world. That is why everyone thinks Canadian beer is shitty. We are getting their sloppy hops seconds.

I cannot believe the criminal portrayal of Canadians in this movie. It is setting back the already dodgy relationship that Canada and its citizens have with the world. Movies like this, with hurtful images towards Canadians, certainly would not be made in this day and age, and I think that we can all accept Mr. Aykroyd’s apology for the portrayal of Canadians via his Crystal Head Vodka, winery, and for voicing Yogi Bear in the 2010 movie, for no man would willingly sign up for such a doom project if he were not already wearing an albatross.


Justin Timberlake was in this movie as penance for leaving ‘N Sync.