I am watching Jurassic Park once a week for a year. I love Jurassic Park. It’s one of my favorite films. So why did I spend almost all of my June viewings lying on my bed in my room, alone, bemoaning the fact that I was watching Jurassic Park?

Well. It’s because I’m damn tired of seeing it every week.

hammon face palm

I’d just rather be doing something else.


My desire to do something unrelated to Jurassic Park has manifested itself in a number of negative articles. I’ve written about how pissed off I am about one individual line in the film. I’ve gone on about a bizarre laugh at unnecessary length. I’ve written on how I feel like I’m in a repetitious cycle of unfruitful viewings. Hell, my most cheerful article in the month of June was about Hammond plotting to kill everyone. This is not good.

This Jurassic Park negativity even started spilling into other social media:



My mind was just not on Jurassic Park during June. I was off doing other things. Nothing super important or interesting. But when you’re sick of something, most other activities are a step up in comparison. I watched most of Robert Zemeckis’s films with Bill. I threw a small party. I played a horribly addicting tabletop game where you make superheroes fight each other. I obsessed over the 5th season of The Venture Bros. But I didn’t pay much attention to Jurassic Park. Because I’m sick of being stuck with it. It’s like I’m in a cage made of Jurassic Park.


“Let me out!”


Near the end of the month I started to feel a slight increase in interest. It coincided to some small degree with my starting The Origin of Species. But even that kind of gets me mad at Jurassic Park, because of the film’s bungling of the topic of evolution.

I don’t know. Maybe this is just a slump.