[Crash course for newcomers: We’re conducting a three-year experiment in which, for every year, we have to watch the same movie once a week. I had Top Gun last year, in the category Movie You Don’t Love, But Don’t Hate. This year I have Back to the Future for Movie You Love. Check out what everyone else is watching on our Cinemanauts page. These are my experiment results for June 2013.]

“Whatever, she’s a High Fidelity.”

That’s a thought I had (June 28th, approx. 7am EST) while chatting with someone on Facebook who was being particularly Rob Gordonesque about relationships. And that one thought sums up the month of June for me. It’s the point at which I stopped seeing people as people and started seeing them as their favorite movie.

And now, please turn your attention to Exhibit A.

What you see there are two very nice birthday presents I received from two very nice people this month, because I’m pretty obsessed with Back to the Future. First of all, birthdays represent the passage of time, so I had temporal displacement on the brain. Second, I have this recent tradition where everybody at my birthday party dresses like a version of themselves from an alternate universe, which got me thinking about how different I’d be if just one little thing were changed in my past. By the time I opened these presents, I realized, “Man. I am this movie. I don’t just love it. I am it.”

And then I stopped to ask who I was without it. And that’s when you go from appreciating your penchant for nerdery to trying to slam the lid shut on a case of the mopey existentials.

Boo hoo, fart noise, whatever. Hey, I got a little depressed, but it was a good depression; the kind that made me do some life reassessing and come out ready to kick ass on the other side. I wouldn’t consider the depression a result of this experiment; there were a lot of other factors involved. Still, spending months watching the film I love every single week was definitely one excuse for some self-reflection.

Exhibit B.

That’s from the photobooth at a steampunk wedding I attended on June 29th. All the elements for an old timey Back to the Future poster were in place and I absolutely couldn’t resist. This did not spiral me into gloomy inner turmoil because it was so goddamn cool. (And seriously, what a great wedding. Matt Selva, our poster guy, should get married all the time.) Each wedding guest got a personalized drink coaster; mine was covered in clocks. Okay, that one got me a little “hey, I’m that guy” again.

That’s a desperate, attention-seeking tweet I tweeted at Claudia Wells, the actress who plays Jennifer Parker in the first film. I saw her plugging a really interesting comic book that takes place in the universe where Eric Stoltz played Marty McFly, so I thought maybe she’d be nice enough to retweet me. And she did. And I kinda had to keep it together as both a concerned website promoter and someone who eats, sleeps, and breathes this movie. Just think, she could be reading all my articles about her… oh, wait, I don’t have any specifically about her. Maybe that one about how Jennifer is a useless character in the first film and poorly written in the second? That has nothing to do with Claudia, though, who I’m sure is a wonderful person. Who sells signed Save the Clock Tower posters. Squee.

Guys, June’s been a pretty intense month.


11:14pm EST, June 5th, 2013 – Sang “The Power of Love” in the shower for quite a long time before realizing it had anything to do with Back to the Future.

9:49am EST, June 22nd, 2013 – Pavlovian quoting. While ejecting Back to the Future from the Blu-ray player after a viewing, Cinemanaut Becca began talking about watching The NeverEnding Story. When she said she was hoping the movie would give her “a revelation,” I added “a vision, a picture in my head” while staring at the Back to the Future case. That’s some Manchurian Candidate shit. I’m scared.


I think I’ve finally moved on from the abusive relationship I had with Top Gun last year. No dreams, no quoting, no thinking about the movie whatsoever. Refreshing.

(I’m pretending like I don’t know that it comes back in July. Sorry this update’s a little late.)