Third Iteration

Third Iteration

“Details emerge more clearly as the fractal curve is redrawn”

-Ian Malcolm

While the details of a complex system are impossible to predict, patterns do appear within the results. Take a minute to explore the Mandelbrot set. Did you notice how the same shapes appear time after time, at different scales? Bearing that in mind, allow me to make an unscientific analogy. Last year I experienced the monotony of watching High Fidelity once a week. I know what the shape of that monotony looks like. As the months start going by, I think I am beginning to see that same shape emerge in my year of Jurassic Park. As with the ever deepening fractals of the Mandelbrot set, the details are different, but the same shape appears to be manifesting itself.


Having spent April watching Jurassic Park on the biggest screens I could hope for, May was a sad return to normal-sized television viewings. This was a bit of a letdown. Of course, to put things in perspective, with the rapidly increasing average screen size, my “normal-sized” 47″ is luxuriously big compared to the norm ten years ago. I have nothing to complain about, but after the excitement of giant dinosaurs, golden-retriever-sized ones are just not not igniting any sparks.

 Because this…

Gennaro Lightning

is better than this…

Gennaro Lightning

Total rip-off! I can barely see Gennaro’s frightening teeth!


While Jurassic Park is failing to float my boat, I’m still being regularly reminded of last year’s shipwreck, High Fidelity. I always used to like The Velvet Underground’s album Loaded, but with two songs from it featured in High Fidelity, I just can’t enjoy it anymore. “Who Loves the Sun” just reminds me of Rob moping around, and “Oh! Sweet Nuthin'” also reminds me of Rob moping around. Jeeze, did that movie contain anything besides moping?

Barry lick

Oh, yes. Now I recall.

Speaking of which, I may have neglected to mention it previously, but “Walking on Sunshine” plays at least once daily at my place of work. Frequently I’m too busy to notice, but about once a week I hear it, and have horrible High Fidelity flashbacks. In fact, “Walking on Sunshine” is probably the song from High Fidelity that gets stuck in my head the most. Even worse, it usually pops up when I’m having a good morning, which it then proceeds to temporarily ruin. Also on my workplace’s daily playlist is “You Are The Best Thing That’s Ever Happened To Me” and while it isn’t featured in High Fidelity, Rob mentions it as a song he wants sung at his funeral. “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin'” also plays once daily, but that doesn’t bother me in the least.


Suck it, Bill.


I started jogging at the end of May, and while I can’t directly link it to Jurassic Park, I think it’s worth mentioning. This whole experiment got started because of Bill’s literal reading of a joke implying that viewing Top Gun once a week would lead to a healthier you. Top Gun didn’t motivate Bill to healthify his life, and a year of High Fidelity did shit all for me, so is Jurassic Park pushing me into better health? Could it be that the fear of being chased by Raptors and Rexes?


Like Laura Dern. 

Probably not? I really think it has more to do with the fact that my wonderful grandmother bought me some insoles for my flat feet, so that I can now jog without crippling foot pain.


Unlike Laura Dern. (That is not the face of a jogger with proper arch support.)


The fun is going, going, soon to be gone. I’m not enjoying my viewings. I can feel the steam running out. And if the shape of this year matches the one I experienced last year, the next stage is total grating monotony.

Ok. So, that whole fractal thing is a bit of a stretch. Seeing patterns of the High Fidelity year inside my Jurassic Park year? I mean, even for Fake Movie Science… wait. What’s that in Malcolm’s eye?


Zoom. Enhance.


Oh god. Oh god.