WHERE: Theater 9 of the Cinemark at the Hampshire Mall in Hadley, Massachusetts

FORMAT: Digital projection from a Barco DP4K-32B Projector, according to this.

COMPANY: Cinemanauts Becca and John, along with approximately 75 complete strangers (presumed to be Back to the Future fans).

PHYSICAL AND MENTAL STATE: Just finished a three-hour drive (and listening to “Sports” by Huey Lewis and the News), excited by the new surroundings and rampant fans, enjoying a large bucket of popcorn and a Cherry Coke.

If today is, in fact, April 17th, 2013, you can still catch Back to the Future at a Cinemark theater near you. Or drive to one that isn’t. If today isn’t April 17th, 2013, you’re out of luck, because time travel isn’t real, ya goober.