WHERE: In the living room of my apartment in Portland, ME (Isla Nublar)

FORMAT: Blu-Ray on a Vizio 32″ LED HDTV, Setups and Payoffs picture-in-picture trivia track on


PHYSICAL AND MENTAL STATE: Sleepy, legitimately excited to possibly learn even more about these silly movies that I love.

As promised in my last viewing, I picked this week to turn on the Setups and Payoffs trivia track special feature on the 25th Anniversary Blu-ray of Back to the Future. That’s right; there are so many gags in this trilogy that they couldn’t incorporate them into the regular trivia track. (I’ll check that out next week.) So, before we get to the facts, just how invasive are these nuggets of knowledge?

Here comes a nugget now!

As you can see in the image above, the text is rather small, but readable. Each fact pops up in a box in the lower third of the screen, usually on the right, but sometimes on the left so as not to obscure an important detail. In this instance, we see a silent clip from Back to the Future Part III accompanying the box to illustrate another of Doc’s Rube Goldberg machines. I wasn’t expecting there to be video, so that was an interesting surprise, but coupled with a box that’s half empty, I wondered if they could have arranged it a little more efficiently. Nonetheless, the trivia track does not mess with the timing or make any noise, so the movie can still be enjoyed (and counted as a viewing, phew).

Ugh, I feel like I just reviewed a wine. Made from the blood of special features addicts. Let’s get to the junk that can win you bar dollars and vodka T-shirts.

Now, my goal for today was to only jot down setups and payoffs that I never caught before. Why? For starters, nerd bragging rights. For finishers, come on, somebody worked on these Blu-ray goodies and I don’t want to yank the food out of his or her kids’ mouths just because you don’t want to shell out dough for this sweet-ass box set, you monster.

  • While I did notice that Marty gets dragged behind some mode of transportation in every movie, I didn’t know that the practice of grabbing onto a car while skateboarding is stupidly nicknamed “skitching.”
  • Apparently Biff’s drunk driving accident in the beginning of the film is paralleled by Buford falling off of his horse while drinking whiskey in Part III. I never made the connection that Buford was drinking it; I thought it fell out of his pocket or something.
  • I guess it’s subtly implied that Doc burned down his own mansion and used the insurance money to fund his experiments. It’s certainly possible, but I never suspected that.
  • Wait a minute, wait a minute… it’s claimed that Marty has meatloaf for dinner in both 1985 and 1955. How do they know this? Stella Baines clearly says it’s meatloaf in 1955, but you can’t really see what’s on their plates in 1985. I demand explanations!

Clearly they’re eating chocolate cake, hot dog buns, cucumber slices, and crumpled tissues.

Those are the only ones I didn’t know. Yeah, I thought I had more notes. See you next week?

There’s a running tally of every time the word “butthead” is said. What fun! I’ll have to see if Part II picks up where the tally left off.

TRIVIA FUN FACT! Marty McFly’s head is not made of butts.

Sometimes the little blue box will alert you to a setup, but not tell you the payoff until it happens. For example, when Goldie Wilson’s campaign van goes by, the trivia track tells you to pay attention to his slogan. That’s all. Just pay attention. Am I supposed to be taking notes? I mean, shut up, I am, but, you know… shut up. Are they trying not to ruin the plot for someone who inexplicably blasts through special features before actually watching the movie? Anyway, when Red Thomas’s re-election wagon rolls through 1955, they then tell you that Goldie Wilson used the same slogan at the beginning of the movie. That’s just weird to me.

Well, this has been short. Maybe I’ll learn more on the regular trivia track next week.

Prepare yourself.

I don’t know. Something exciting. Yay, movies.