We know everybody and their leather-clad dungeon slave has a podcast these days, and they’re all nine hours long and sound like a PBS telethon of inside jokes. But, believe us when we say that the Seriously Tasty Dudes podcast is a fast-paced, legitimately funny, definitively 30-minute aural wonderblast recorded by a hot batch of comedians and writers who actually know what they’re doing. And even when they don’t, it’s still better than Talkin’ ‘Bout Stuff with Chad and the Pussmaster.


The good dudes were gracious enough to allow Cinemanaut Bill on the program to talk about Cinema 52 (among other things), which was a rather nice surprise for him since he never leaves the house. It’s an in-depth, up-tempo, side-saddle journey through the movieverse and his ever-weakening sanity. You can click this link right here to listen to it instantaneously, or you can find it on iTunes as “#67. She Slaps and Thumps Like Nobody’s Business (SPECIAL GUEST BILL GRAY).” Be sure to check out the Tasty Dude Films website, and enjoy the various web-things of the hosts: Jake Christie, Travis Curran, and Jordan Handren-Seavey.

Thanks, dudes!