WHERE: In Cinemanaut John‘s apartment in Portland, ME

FORMAT:  Blu-Ray on a Vizio 47″ LCD HDTV

COMPANY: Cinemanaut John, friend-of-the-blog Phil Hobby, and Back to the Future virgin Ben Katz

PHYSICAL AND MENTAL STATE: Sweaty. (It’s hot out today.) Excited to show Ben the movie and see his reaction. Drinking a strangely appropriate beverage…

Great pop!

And speaking of “pop” and “cherry,” here’s Ben before and after watching Back to the Future for the very first time. Crazy, right?

Not a whole lot. I enjoyed watching Ben laugh at the jokes for the first time. I may have sprinkled them with a few forced laughs myself… come on, what? He was surrounded by three guys who’ve seen the movie a million times; I’m not going to deprive him of the group-laugh experience.

Oh, right, the glue neck. I just about died laughing when Ben asked what was wrong with the principal’s neck. I never had a problem with the “old” make-up on the actors when I was younger, but since I picked up the Back to the Future Blu-ray, I can’t help but notice that crusty neck weirdness in crystal clear HD. And neither can first-timers.

Also, today was my first disc error. The Blu-ray got all scribbly and scritchy approximately 38 minutes in, culminating in a full-on chapter skip. I panicked and ejected the disc, wiped it, and cued it up to the correct spot. Because I’m a fake scientist, I timed the ordeal. We were back on track approximately 7 minutes later. It remains to be seen if this problem will continue in the future.

If you or someone you know is a Back to the Future virgin, please, send them my way for a vigorous deflowering.