JP3D Cosplay


Without question, the Jurassic Park event that defined my April was the 3D re-release. At no point this month did I watch my movie outside of a cineplex. It meant no notepad, no distractedly checking my phone, just two hours and ten minutes of dinosaurs popping out at me in 3D. But, aside from the obvious draining of my wallet, what effects might this have had on my life? 


When you are required to watch a particular movie once a week for a year, you tend to incorporate the viewing into your weekly routine. Midway through last year, I fell into a pattern of watching High Fidelity every Saturday night. This was a result of procrastination, not an indication that my ideal weekend celebration involves John Cusack in any way.



This unfortunate habit reasserted itself early in 2013, with my Jurassic Park viewings slipping back to the final day of the week. With the release of Jurassic Park 3D, all of this changed, and I began to notice how much my viewing patterns were affecting my life.

Since it was my goal to see Jurassic Park in theaters as many weeks as possible, and weekday afternoons were the most convenient time for me to catch a showing, the days I viewed the movie on were randomized. This might not seem like a significant change, but three weeks into the month, I noticed something strange. I was at work, trying to remember when I had filed a certain document, when I realized that I was completely unable to recall when I had done so. Furthermore, looking back, I was unable to piece together much of what had happened when over the last month.

As I tried to think back, I realized that I was counting the weeks by viewings, as in: Event A happened two viewings ago, Event B happened three viewings ago, etc. If you view Jurassic Park (or High Fidelity) every Saturday, this method is a fairly efficient way of tracking time. There are seven days between each viewing. Easy. This month, there were two days between my first and second viewing, ten between my second and third, and seven between my third and my fourth. Since my brain was using viewings as week-markers, it’s no wonder I got a little muddled.


Do what it may to my sense of time, I still love this film. By the end of April, I’d watched it 17 times this year, but I could still sit back and enjoy the experience without boredom. I went into both my third and fourth viewings of the month suspecting that paying to see JP3D in theaters would start to be a bit of a drag. Yet both times, once I sat down, the movie just flew by. I’m still discovering new and exciting things about the movie. Compare this realization about Muldoon to the sad phrase-counting I was doing at the same point last year. I was already suffering. I chalk this up to having much more to work with this year.


Which looks more likely to hold your interest?


I remember having a very odd Jurassic Park dream on the 15th, but I cannot for the life of me piece together exactly what was going on. If I recall, a tiny T-Rex was chasing me around my dad’s old room, at my grandmother’s house. I remember it being extremely scary. I also remember that my mom was there, though in what capacity, I cannot say.


On a final note, whenever I try to come up with a generic romance tune, I always seem end up humming “Let’s Get It On.”

Jack Black, you linger still.

Barry lick

Be gone, O foul one. Haunt me no more!