And here we are. I’ve been watching Back to the Future every week for three months now. For science. And I’m a little pooped.

“Wha? It’s ten p.m. on a Saturday? Great… yeap, I’ll… I’ll get that Blu-ray… going…”

Still, we’re not here to talk about the ordeal of clearing two hours a week for Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd (which is hardly an ordeal because I love this movie). We’re here to discuss how overdosing on Back to the Future affects behavior. Mine, anyway.

The very first result in my notes for the month of March: I can’t stop thinking about the moments in my past that would radically affect my present if they were altered. I mean, I’m in a mild state of “hey, isn’t time travel just the tits?” all day, but it’s increased significantly since this experiment. For example, Cinemanaut John, my co-blogger who’s exposing himself to Jurassic Park, would not be doing so if he hadn’t found himself in a terrible car crash a few years ago. This unfortunate accident caused him to move back to Maine, at which point he randomly met me. And maybe, just maybe, if he hadn’t perked up and convinced me that testing the health benefits of watching Top Gun weekly wasn’t an entirely stupid idea (only mostly stupid), then maybe Cinema 52 would never have existed at all. And then what would pop culture junkies do on the Internet?

A cease-and-desist from any of these sites would be acknowledgment enough.

The story above is just one example. Latching onto Back to the Future as a child gave me a healthy realization that minor events could have huge impacts. You’d think that would have made me terrified of any of my actions, but it also instilled in me the idea that the future is whatever you make it. There’s no such thing as fate. Maybe if I did this, that, or the other thing, I’d be better off. Or worse off. Who cares? No matter what, I’ll just keep gettin’ through it. And it’s good to get a refresher on this attitude every week.

Yeah. Kickass.

Hey, let’s talk sleep. Before we get to dreams (and yes, I’ve been having them), I have in my notes a streak of nights that I couldn’t fall asleep because I was thinking of which topics in Back to the Future I had yet to reflect on. March 3-7, 2013. That’s five counts of tossing, turning, and charting timelines in my head. By the fifth night, I had to just start getting out of bed and having myself an official “think” before trying to sleep again. I like to think.

You got a machine that can stop thoughts?

Here’s my journal of significant dreams for the month:

March 7, 2013
Dreamed I called the Doctor (from Doctor Who) because I needed the TARDIS to translate what a dog was saying. Did not involve time travel in any way. Tried to go back to sleep but couldn’t stop thinking about Back to the Future.

March 19, 2013
Dreamed there was a hidden special feature on the Back to the Future box set showing Doc and Marty arguing about hiding DeLoreans on Isla Nublar (the island from Jurassic Park). There was also a clip of Lea Thompson playing a teenager in 2015.

March 21, 2013
Dreamed Robert Zemeckis made a 3D IMAX interactive movie about the history of the DeLorean. This included scenes of him filming Back to the Future with other actors playing himself and the cast. Because it’s a dream, they all looked exactly the same as who they were portraying.

It’s worth pointing out that I have yet to have a dream in which characters or locations from Back to the Future are real. Every significant dream still acknowledges that it’s just a movie. This is my second dream about the Doctor, however, and both times, he’s a real person.

And always David Tennant. Make of that what you will.

Here are a few minor behaviors I thought were worth pointing out:

12:11pm EST, March 12th, 2013 – Didn’t realize I was whistling the theme from Back to the Future for a couple of minutes.

3:45pm EST, March 13th, 2013 – Couldn’t help quoting the movie on Facebook. From a conversation on Christopher Lloyd:

11:00am EST, March 20th, 2013 – Was looking through files at work, said they’re all the same “as far as the eye can see” with the same inflection as Doc.

12:54am EST, March 28th, 2013 – I tried quoting Joe Flaherty’s character from Happy Gilmore as saying, “Slacker!” Realized that he actually says, “Jackass!” “Slacker” is Principal Strickland’s insult of choice in Back to the Future.

And that’s pretty much it for Back to the Future.

I have zero results in my March notes regarding any side effects from watching Top Gun 52 times last year. I am absolutely okay with this.