It’s been twelve months of waiting and watching The NeverEnding Story, but I had one final result! I have not had any real results all year: no dreams, no accidental quoting, no clouds that looked like dragons. After my final viewing, I was packing my gym bag when I realized I was humming the theme song.

I let my guard down for one second and this is what happens.

It took nearly an entire year, but there it is, a result. I’m pretty sure I may have felt a bit… forlorn that I was essentially saying good-bye to The NeverEnding Story. The likelihood that I’ll pop in the movie for funsies in the next year is probable, but in the name of science. I have plans to watch the film in six months to see if I forgot anything or if I am eager to see Fantasia again.

It is kinda pretty.

December seemed to pass by much quicker than the rest of the months. The excitement of ending this crazy experiment propelled me forward with vigor. I was eager to cram in my viewings as efficiently as possible so that the movie case could finally be put to rest on the shelf to gather dust.

I was giddy all month during my viewings. It was the joy of counting down as well as the rush to search out any final details. The giddiness was measured with a good dose of focus, too. If I somehow fucked up and forgot a viewing during this last month, I know I would have exploded with rage and then sank into oblivion for a year gone to waste.

Don’t try to save me, I deserve this.

There were several times when I had minor freak-outs, second guessing if I had done my viewing for the week. Did I watch it Saturday or Sunday? Where’s my notebook? Did I write the correct date? The possibility of a last minute failure loomed until my final viewing was complete.

Other than the joy of finishing and the anxiety of making sure I did finish my 52 viewings, December was a typical month. I had my one brief humming episode and nothing else. Part of me wishes I had more to report, that I could share that I had dreams about Fantasia or any of its myriad creatures, that the movie became so ingrained I couldn’t stop accidentally quoting lines, but that’s not what my experience was like. If anything, this last month taught me that even though I love films, they do not affect me as deeply as others. But that’s okay with me. Maybe The NeverEnding Story is more insidious and will attack when my guard is down. But I’m confident I’ll be just fine.

Phew! Just barely avoided making any dragon references.