WHEN: 7:45pm, December 28th, 2013

WHERE: In my apartment in Portland, ME

FORMAT: Blu-ray on a Vizio 47″ LCD HDTV/digital download on an iPhone 3



The end has finally arrived. After 52 weeks of watching Jurassic Park, it is at long last time for my final viewing. For this special occasion, I’m popping in my trusty Blu-ray and turning off all the lights, to replicate the theatrical experience as closely as possible. In full HD, on a 47″ screen, this film is truly a beautiful thing to behold. This is easy to overlook after repeatedly watching it on a computer monitor or an iPhone, but such are the things you end up doing when watching the same movie every week.

Though made boring by extreme repetition, the Jurassic Park viewing process has never been truly unpleasant, and it’s an odd feeling watching it for the last time. Funny little things stick out. Grant asks Hammond what type of park he’s built, and even though I’ve seen him say it every week this year, I keep expecting Hammond to reply with “It’s one of a kind” instead of “It’s right up your alley.” I’m not sure why.


I’m probably getting distracted by that creepy glare.

Before this final viewing, I watched the new making-of documentary that came out with the Blu-ray release, and it served as a nice little reminder. It’s easy to forget how beautiful this film is when it’s fresh, and to under-appreciate the craftsmanship that went into everything from the puppets to the sound to the stunning early CG. It’s truly gorgeous.


I love it as much as the Rex loves Grant. Awww, look, it’s nuzzling his face.

A huge screen with the volume up loud is really the only way to watch this film. It makes everything…

Wait. Where did the sound go? And there goes the picture.

Looks like my Jurassic Park Blu-ray disc has worn itself out. I guess this final viewing was just one too many. I’ve no choice but to finish this viewing on my iPhone.


So, what’s going on? Are there dinosaurs in this shot?
I’m being facetious. I’ve seen this so many damn times, I could watch it in the eye of a needle and still know what I’m looking at.

This blows. The magic is dead.


Well. To hell with this.