WHEN: 6:55pm, December 20th, 2013

WHERE: In my apartment in Portland, ME

FORMAT: DVD on a Vizio 47″ LCD HDTV

COMPANY: Friend of the site/future Lab Rat, Phil Hobby

PHYSICAL AND MENTAL STATE: Relaxed. Would prefer not to watch Jurassic Park.


As I near the end of my 52 weeks of watching Jurassic Park, I feel that it’s time to address one of the most pressing questions that the movie poses. It is a question fraught with implications not only for the rest of the film, but for the lives of every single theater-goer. More importantly, it has been bothering me every week since January.

Today I ask, “Where did that pie that Nedry puts shaving cream onto come from?”




As anyone with eyes can see, that is a tasty-looking piece of pie. It appears to be filled with some manner of delicious filling (probably cherry, raspberry, or possibly rhubarb). Its doughy crust looks downright savory. It now has a large dollop of (non-mentholated) shaving cream on top of it. Tragedy! But where did it come from? Mere minutes before, the small metal table on which it sits was not there.



This time through, when I posed the conundrum to Phil, he noted that a waiter quickly walks by, while Nedry and Dodgson are talking. Perhaps, he suggested, the waiter brought the pie over at that point.

Now, I’ve seen this scene 51 times.  I’ve seen that waiter walk past 51 times. There’s no way he’s carrying the tray with the pie on it. I would have seen it. To prove this, allow me to go back and grab a screen shot.


See! That waiter isn’t carrying… wait.

Alright. So the pie was right in front of me this whole time. Dammit.


Well, to hell with that, then.


The waiter is bringing that pie to Nedry, and he places the tray right next to his table. Why the hell is Nedry putting shaving cream on his own pie?


The world may never know.