About Cinemanaut Nancy

Nancy Boucher was born in Whoville, Massachusetts and grew up watching a lot of movies, beginning with Batman Returns as her first ‘Holy shit, whoa’ cinematic experience. She moved to Farmington and also watched a lot of movies there, which is where she saw her favorite film, The Purple Rose Of Cairo, for the first time. Her favorite movie she has seen since she moved to Portland is Anatomy Of A Murder.Nancy is also the girl of the group, which might lead you to believe that the boys are very nice and call her pretty a lot. But that is not the case. Instead, the boys do mean things like call her Tasha Yar and make her watch Spider-Man 3, and she’s pretty sure that they would put gum in her hair if she did not have such awesome reflexes. Anyway, she puts up with it because she secretly knows she is very pretty, and also because she totally tried to trick them into letting her pick The Shining for this experiment, even though it’s like one of her favorite movies. She likes to drink whiskey and tap-dance, and her favorite comic book hero as of late is Deadman. She doesn’t love but doesn’t hate SPIDER-MAN 3.

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