So close. Can’t stop.

Come on, January 1, 2013, where are you?

I can just about taste freedom. Very soon, I will no longer be watching Top Gun every week to test its effects on my physical and mental health. Does that mean the effects will wear off? No idea! They’re probably permanent! Isn’t science fun HAHAHAHAHA–

Here what pestered me this week. HA!

Dec. 16, 2012
7:33am EST – “Hot Summer Nights” stuck in head.

12:32pm EST – “Hot Summer Nights” stuck in head while trying to sleep.

Dec. 19, 2012
11:36pm EST – Playing GoldenEye with some pals. Ran past a friend I caught hiding and, while being fired at from behind, instantly channeled Maverick’s big maneuver from the end of the film. Heard, “I’ll hit the brakes, he’ll fly right by us.” Hit the brakes. Assailant flew by. Attempted to punch. Assailant spun around and punched me to death. Fuck.

Dec. 21, 2012
9:57am EST – Described Becca‘s hatred of having her picture taken as “a confidence problem.” Pictured Viper’s TOPGUN hat.

9:10pm EST – Watching Die Hard. When Al and John lock eyes, I commented aloud that this is a way better end-of-the-movie hug than Top Gun. Because it is. Why did nobody vote for Die Hard?

It could have been Christmas every week.


I’ve noted in the past that my number of results have gone down later in the year, and there could be a few reasons for that. What I’m really curious about is if the other Cinemanauts follow the same pattern. Perhaps there is a threshold for movie memory that stops you from considering it relevant any more (I’ve called it a “mental after-image” previously). Unfortunately, I’m the only one keeping this insane amount of notes. This kind of makes me sad, because we could maybe sort of actually have some real science here. Oh, to have some money/attention.

I’ve discussed with the 2013 crew that maybe my meticulous notes aren’t necessary, but to balance it out, they certainly need to take more. There’s no real “experiment” without results. So, everybody will need to keep some notes, and make them public once a month. Then we can get some real charts and graphs going on how movies are stored in the brain. I’m assuming it’s nothing like Johnny Mnemonic.