Digital note-taking.

It just works.

I know paper makes people all nostalgic (for trees, I guess?) but I finally made the move to all-digital results. I’d find myself without a pen way too often, and then I’d transcribe my notes to paper. For what? So I could then retype them? Copy and paste; it’s the wave of the future/laziness.

Top Gun, as always, is jabbing its way into my thoughtstream whenever it feels like, as prolonged weekly exposure to the film is bound to do. Here’s how it stopped me in my tracks this week.

Dec. 9, 2012
10:16am EST – Watching Carrier, episode 9, “Get Home-itis.” A hand signal I’ve seen in Top Gun was flashed on the runway. Thought of the opening.

Dec 10, 2012
9:58am EST – Reading How to DJ Right. Read about how changing scenes in a movie is like changes styles in a mix. Thought of the cut to the airport scene from Top Gun, for some reason.

“Last night a *fwip* NAVAL AVIATOR *fwip* saved my life…”

Dec. 12, 2012
12:41am EST – Noted that Nic Cage’s character in Fire Birds is a psycho. Almost added “Bubba.” There’s a team on a marker board in Top Gun that says “Psycho/Bubba.”

3:06am EST – Listening to “Follow the Star” by Tera in a co-worker’s car. [At least, I think that’s the song. I did way too much research on this.] The build-up┬áin that song┬áreminded me of the build-up from “Top Gun Anthem” and evoked images of enemy MiGs exploding. Probably not what they were going for.

Dec. 15, 2012
9:10pm EST – At a Nutcracker show and saw a comically gratuitous crotch bulge. Thought of the locker room from Top Gun and all the copious man bulges.


I don’t even feel good sharing these with you any more. A memory of a marker board behind a secondary character for about four seconds is being dredged up. I can’t even carry on normal conversations with my brain all scrambled from the Top Gun beating I give it every week. Is this going to happen ten years from now?

“Oh, this is just like that memo on the bulletin board in the locker room scene from Top Gun. You know the one, right, guys? Guys?”

“WOXOFF? Remember? C’mon, guys!”

I’m seeing the same sort of patterns with Cinemanaut John. He’s very excited, frustrated, or overjoyed discussing details and solving mysteries from High Fidelity. But that’s not my job to report. Just know that he asks questions about the movie like we know what he’s talking about. I don’t know who Sarah Kendrew is, John.

Oh God, I must be this way with movies I actually like. I’m so sorry, friends.

Perhaps this experiment is promoting positive personal change. To health!