WHEN: December 8th, 6:45 pm EST, 2012

WHERE: Number 1

FORMAT: DVD via my computer Tobor’s 19” LCD screen

COMPANY: None, again.


  • None, and I really tried. I just seemed to sit there and watch everyone go through their motions. I didn’t really think at all.

Well, that was a disappointment. I could not even come up with any snazzy ideas during my viewing. Nothing. Not a single thought. Nada, zip, zero. I just sat there, mindlessly, not entertained in the least. The movie has become something akin to working at a shitty mindless job. You show up, do it, and are not engaged at all. A shitty service job might be better, though. You at least get to talk to people.

Interesting people.

The idea well looks to be running dry, and honestly I am surprised that it did not happen sooner. This is either due to Truman not being as complex (or interesting) as just about every critic makes it out to be, or maybe I can not look into it any deeper than I already have. We all know that can’t be the case. I am perfect, after all, so it must be the movie. Truman has become like that girlfriend with whom sex became dull. It was never really any good to begin with, but it used to at least be fun. Now trying to spice things up seems like too much work. It is not worth it.

I still do not understand, nor do I think I ever will, the boner that some people have for Truman. I can see liking it when you have only seen it once. I loved No Country for Old Men, and I have only seen that once. I can not really bring myself to watch it again. The ending really pissed me off. I went on to have a fit of yelling “bullshit” and “cocksuckers” for a good ten minutes constantly, and sporadically for another twenty. I can see how someone who had only seen a movie once could consider it great, just not Truman. It does not hold up to what most of the critics have claimed it to be, especially under closer and repeated viewings. The only reason why I think this movie was popular at all is due to it having two built-in audiences: people who work in media, and Christians. I have surmised that those who give Truman praise are often in either of those camps, and everyone else does not seem to care for the movie. This is not a bad thing. Truman is not a bad movie, and worse things have happened because of a die-hard following. I mean, Kirk Cameron still does stuff, right?

The IMDB answer is: Not since 2008.

At least I can say that this will all be over soon, and that I will never be forced to have to go back to Seahaven. I do not think I will ever really want to go back. I just hope that I do not act hostile towards anyone who suggests it on a movie night.