WHEN: 9:25PM EST, November 24th, 2012

WHERE: At my apartment in Portland, ME (Alderaan)

FORMAT: Blu-Ray on a Vizio 47″ LCD HDTV

COMPANY: Bill, roommate Elliot, Phil

PHYSICAL AND MENTAL STATE: Quite tired. Had just watched Bill and Elliot play Top Gun: Combat Zones while I listened to the original cast recording of High Fidelity: The Musical.


Bill, having having seen High Fidelity more than enough times this year, decided to read High Fidelity while I watched the film, to see how far he could get during its run time. Would the two intersect? If so, where? There was only one way to find out. So Bill sat on a couch, reading, for an hour and fifty-four minutes.

Read, Bill, read like the wind!

Bill finished 99 pages before the movie ended. That’s about 30% of the book, for those of you keeping track.

Perhaps more notably, for the entirety of the viewing, little spurts of laughter emanated from Bill’s corner. It coincided with nothing on the screen. It was eerie.


Phil is a good friend of mine. He stopped by just before we started, allowing me to ruin his (and my roommate Elliot’s) plans by forcing them to watch my movie.

Phil had never seen High Fidelity before. He knew that John Cusack and Jack Black were in it. He said he wanted to “dip his balls in it” but I can only assume he was referencing something. He claimed to have been into The Beta Band before the movie came out, (which looking back, implies that he knew they were featured in the movie).

In what is becoming a trend, Phil thought that the characters were kind of obnoxious. “I don’t know why people aren’t constantly grabbing them by the lapels and punching them,” he contemplated. He also made a couple of observations that I would likely never make. Such as…

He noted that Ian and Laura’s sex was like the sex from The Room.

Having never seen the film, I can only assume that this is what Phil was referring to.
It looks unpleasant.

He says Rob’s hair styles in flashbacks are similar to those appearing in similar portions of How I Met Your Mother.

Having never seen the show, I can only assume that this is what Phil was referring to.
It looks unpleasant also. 

Phil is also of the opinion that John Cusack’s mouth looks like Jeffrey Tambor’s mouth (George Sr., not Hank Kingsley).

Having seen his mouth, I can only assume that this is what Phil was referring to.
I take no issue with this. 

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