After I had finished watching Truman on Thanksgiving, I started doing the prep-work for the Thanksgiving dinner. All of that mindless bitch-work like skinning potatoes/sweet potatoes and even carving up some squash. I decided to do all of this in front of the TV. I had figured that this was the best way to tune out since what I was doing did not take up a great deal of mental capacity. I turn on the TV and what do I hear? The familiar tones of Touchstone Television’s Boy Meets World. Specifically the college years. I was all set to see if my boyhood crush on Topanga (Danielle Fishel) would stand the test of time.

Yes, yes it does.

The episode I saw had Cory and Shawn bribing Mr. Feeny with brunch to get an extension on their midterm paper, and ending up learning a lesson about taking advantage of old friends and blah blah. It hardly had Topanga in it, so I don’t really care. The funny thing is that the show was (as much as I can remember, anyway) supposed to be about Cory. Yet Cory is kicked to the B-plot for his brother Eric. This is where the title of the episode starts to make sense. Episode number 123, “And in Case I Don’t See Ya…” It turns out that Eric is trying to become popular at college. So, logically, he starts filming his everyday life. There is no reason explaining how he got this idea. So, yup, sitcom logic. If then water gun. If you watch the first two minutes of the episode on YouTube, exactly the preview time allotted on ABCTVONDEMAND, you see Eric just launch into filming his life.

There are some moments where the show very much emulates Truman, mostly poking fun at it. Eric is trying to be Truman, Christof, and Meryl all in one. He does a product placement spot for the coffee place in the student union of his college, and even says, “Good morning, and in case I don’t see ya, good evening, good afternoon, and good night!” before donning a Christofian outfit.

I did actually find this amusing.

The later part of the episode features Eric in control of everything in his apartment. He has a brick wall erected in front of the door and traps his roommates. The best part of this is when Eric cues a thunder sound effect. After it “rains” on his roommate Jack (Matthew Lawrence), Jack steps to the side and the water spout follows. He then exclaims, “Where have I seen this before?” while trying to keep a straight face.

Though he was much less enthused.

Overall, the episode was fun and I was able to enjoy it, that is after I recovered from shitting my pants due to the serendipity of the situation. It was not tortuous to see someone lovingly poke fun at a movie that was popular at the time. The writers behind the episode clearly liked, or at least respected, Truman enough to not punch holes in it as I do. I will say that the episode was not done as well as The Simpsons have done some of their parodies or spoofs, but no one seems to be as good as that writing staff. All in all, I did enjoy the episode. I liked it… I liked something Truman-related… oh, bother.