Three more months hit the dirt!

Can I rap with you guys, editor to reader? There must be a backwards chair around here somewheres… these calendar pages are a bit of a pain. As you may have noticed, I fell behind. I have to mark each day for each Cinemanaut, but some of our entries don’t go up for a few days or even weeks (we’re busy people), so I have to do some phone tag to get them ready on time. Also, you can see when my doctor’s appointments are. Whine, whine, whine, right? Well, Webmaster Derek, our savior and, let’s be honest, one of the only real scientists around here, has put together a fully automated calendar that will throw our articles on it the second they’re posted.

“But Bill…” you’re probably saying in that impish timbre I love so much about you. “I don’t care if Thursdays have suddenly become a very popular day to watch a movie. Why is the calendar important to me?”

In a word: searchability. It was pretty impossible to find an article you liked. Believe me, I know… linking was a nightmare. Now, not only will you have a calendar to look through, but you can search for content in a multitude of ways. Let’s say (for whatever reason) that your favorite articles are written by Cinemanaut Steve O’Fake. But you don’t really like reading his Results, just his Viewings and his Film Analysis articles. You can check the boxes for just those things, and SHOOMBLES! A page of stuff you like!

Pictured: Steve O’Fake, interning his little neckerchief off.

Also, we’re going to have a new subtitling system so the titles will show off what the article is about. No more titles like “Experiment #49 Dated June 25th at 6:09pm EST.” That’ll go in the subtitle now, while a catchy title like “Does Falcor Shave?” will stick in your mind and you can search for “does falcor shave” with ease.

On top of all that, both Derek and our poster wizard Matt are sprucing things up for 2013. I can’t give too much away, mostly because I don’t know, but if the notes they leave on my walls in the middle of the night are any indication, we’re going to have a fresh new look for The Year of the Movies We Love.

Oh, shoot, do you guys know which movies won? I figured you did, since voting was pretty much a landslide after the first two days, but let’s make it official.

Newcomer Cinemanaut BeccaThe NeverEnding Story (64.3% of the votes)

Cinemanaut BillBack to the Future (65.0% of the votes)

Cinemanaut JohnJurassic Park (65.0% of the votes)

Cinemanaut TyGhostbusters (67.1% of the votes)

Again, thanks for all your votes. This is gonna be one hell of a year.