WHEN: November 22nd, 8:00am EST, 2012

WHERE: Number 1

FORMAT: DVD via my Xbox on Teletraan 1

COMPANY: None, I am in my room alone.


  • I really do like the Jive talk part of the trailer for Airplane!
  • When MacGyver talks about gum, I had some in my hand.
  • I chose not to chew the gum.
  • Truman is a total stone-cold player when he asks out Sylvia right after saying bye to Meryl.
  • Truman could be considered a pimp.
  • A Man Whore.
  • Floozy.
  • Muff Diver.
  • Quick Drawer of the Purple-Headed Yogurt Slinger.
  • Master of the Divine Rod.
  • Push the Button on the Heat-Seeking Love Missile.
  • Beater of Tiny Tim.


I started watching this early in the morning to try and avoid some preparation work for the Thanksgiving meal. I was also wondering if a “film of the decade” would improve my mood, and help me deal with my family. That decade being the 90s meant my mood was unaltered. I don’t think any movie from any decade could have made me less irritable towards my extended family. I should really make a game out of them coming around and see if I can guess exactly how they will inadvertently put a damper on the family gathering. I guess I should be thankful that the holidays come but once a year (thanks, Truman).

I was going to talk about how unfamily-oriented Truman is. He doesn’t want kids, dislikes his wife, blah blah blah blah (thanks, Rob Gordon). But then I happened to go to Rotten Tomatoes and look at the reviews for The Truman Show, I was astounded at all of the reviews that praise this movie. Maybe they were shown a different copy that is unavailable for purchase, because it does not seem like we are watching the same one.

Take this one for example: “Adventurous, provocative, even daring” – Kenneth Turan. Or: “A gemlike picture crafted with rare and immaculate precision… “-Todd McCarthy. I want to know how the Truman show is “daring” or even a gem. I have watched this movie over 40 times this year, and in none of those viewings have I ever thought anything remotely like that. What The Truman Show is is a high idea (one that admittedly was fresh and new) that was boiled down into a bland paste that could be consumed by the masses. I will give the film its due and say that it did have a very high idea. It could have been a good movie. Supposedly the script was a bit more along the lines of a sci-fi (not syfy) thriller or at least not as Leave it to Beaver boring as it turned out to be. But there is a bigger market for a semi-nostalgic pile of vanilla paste when compared with a sci-fi thriller, hence the change.

Enjoy your movie.

It always makes me a bit sad when I see something that could have been done so much better, and probably why I get excited when something with a big idea does get made. Though I have not yet seen Cloud Atlas, I am still excited something like that got made. Avatar was neat when it pushed the boundaries of what could be done with film technology, though I will say all of those bland-vanilla-paste consumers told me the story was “magical,” and I did take a measure of delight scoffing in their faces.

As for all of the people that are talking about this movie being the precursor to today’s reality television, I will take great pride scoffing in their faces soon. Apparently they have forgotten about An American Family (1973) and The Real World (1992). The reality television wave had already started, and The Truman Show did not predict shit. It is ignorant to think so. You are not being clever by thinking Christof was warning against the future. You are somewhere in the massive droves of glue-huffing morons who do not have the metal capacity to realize that some, if not all, of the drama in reality TV is either implemented by the producers, or pieced together with editing tricks.