I had really been avoiding this. I have been dreading watching this man act in any other film. He is one of the people I enjoy the least out of the entire cast of Truman. There are moments when he seems to be trying to be expressive or funny when the moment does not call for it. The part of the movie I am thinking of specifically is when Meryl says she knows that Truman has seen his father. That face that Jim Carrey does is, in my opinion (and I have watched this movie a fucking lot) out of character for Truman Burbank. It is as if he already suspects that “everyone is in on it” or something. I have talked about that a lot before and this is not what this article is about. This is about… Ace.


After watching Ace Ventura and Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls, I can only say one thing: Jim Carrey is good. I know, as much as I say I hate him in Truman, it surprised the fuck out of me as well. I was dumb-fucking-founded to find myself enjoying his performance as Ace Ventura. I did not know what came over me, but I actually smiled at some of the jokes. One time I even laughed audibly, but only once. Somewhere deep withing myself a spark of enjoyment started to rekindle the pits of the blackened region of my mind where I form opinions of people. Maybe I was wrong. Maybe Jim Carrey was not just a pile of shit with a very nice head of hair. Maybe he was just not used right in The Truman Show.

Jim Carrey is the best when he is playing a big, over-the-top character; when he can show off this crazy superhuman face-stretching abilities. Being a zany, weird, character is where he excels. There are some singers that only sing well in a certain range, and some others that can not sing at all but have some marketable quality.

Kill it with fireAnd some that shouldn’t exist at all.

Being off the wall is the “sweet spot” for Jim Carrey. He is one of the better character actors out there. I can’t think of a role that required Jim Carrey to be balls-to-the-wall crazy and it being a dog shit pie.

I wish I could drink this awayShit…

Okay, maybe I was wrong. Maybe his other roles are not the Eiffel-Tower-made-out-of-tits that I have made them out to be. In fact, thinking about it now, I blame his portrayal of The Riddler (though I did kind of like it) an infectious disease that crept its way into Tommy Lee Jones’ Two Face. I think this was more a case of a cool refreshing drink of water after wandering around the desert of mediocrity. That is what this year has felt like so far. Like I have been lost, or adrift, in unfulfilled ideas. I am not saying that either of the Ventura movies are better than Truman. They might be more fun at times, I will give them that. They just seem to use Jim Carrey better than Truman.

The Truman Show put an insane amount of detail into itself. Different lights represent different stars, the actors have to take vitamin pills to counteract not being in natural sunlight, and the whole button camera… thing. Yet the movie doesn’t seem to go anywhere. There is a great idea at the base of the movie, but it does not do it well. Ace Ventura is a kind of “out there” idea but is done so well that it doesn’t seem to matter. And that movie had a man talking out of his anus.

If you ignore it it might go away