The last time I got together with Bill and John we were talking about how I had been noticing how their movies had affected them. I was pointing out moments where they would reference their movies, and sometimes even induce those moments. What I am trying to get at is I have not been emulating Truman in the least, but Christof.

I will admit that it has been fun to see how the movies Bill and John are watching have or have not affected them. Bill will randomly try not to think about his movie, whereas John will only realize I have referenced his movie later on. I do not know where this sense of joy from watching how the others react is coming from. I have never been a “people watcher” kind of person. I watched MST3K religiously when it was on TV, and that is almost like what we are doing this year, but I always seemed to take the side of Joel or Mike. For some reason I seem to dislike Truman heavily and seem to be siding with Christof. I think my Christof admiration must be something that has been with me my entire life, subconsciously.

Christof... Jr.?Circa 2007.

I dressed like that for a little while in college. I do not know why. I do at least know that I never dressed like Truman… I hope.

In other news, I was just on the west coast for a week. There, in a home goods store, my ears were graced with the playful piano tune from the Truman soundtrack. This just illustrates how boring the movie is. If your soundtrack makes it to a “special and unique blend of assorted goods from the home” store, you are a boring piece of shit. When the most exciting thing you can be paired with are napkin rings made from sea glass glued to a poorly hammered bit of tin… yeah.

At least it was better than this shit. Do it yourself, my ass…

Other than that, I find that I don’t run into many Truman-related items, or even dialogue. No one says, “good afternoon, good evening, and good night,” ever. I do not live near the coast, and even on any trips to it, I do not think about Seahaven, or boats. I am not reminded of Truman whenever I see someone in a bad suit, or who looks as if they dressed in the dark.

Yes, I am wearing this out in public. Why do you ask?

I do realize all of those things. I know I see the Ford that Truman drives around town at least half a dozen times a week. The thing is, it does not register with me that they are Truman-related. Right now, when I sit down and think about Truman-related things, I can pick things out of my daily life that could be Truman-related. Yet, when they happen to me, or I come across them, they are just items or poorly dressed people. I do not make the connection. Whenever Bill tells me that something Truman-related has happened, my reactions is, “Huh, nice, I guess.”

I have learned that Peter Weir, the director of this pile of boring in movie form, wanted to put cameras in all of the theaters that were screening Truman. This would have been the last shot of the film: you sitting there watching the movie. Not only would this be insane, but it would have cost a boatload of time and effort to install and set up all of these cameras, and hook them up to the booth. Normally, I would find this entertaining. This could have been fuel for a rant on how balls-out crazy and awesome Peter Weir is. That is some ’80s Saturday morning cartoon villainy type of idea, and kind of hints that Christof and Peter Weir are very like-minded people. Normally I would be all for an idea like this. Yet, I can not bring myself to get excited about this movie or anything that is related to it. I don’t know if I have it in me. I can sit there and watch this movie, over and over and over again. I think the movie itself can not break me, but diving into all of the related things, willingly, for a movie I have come to hate, I can not do. The Truman Show is the movie that I hate the most at this point. After this year, I will try to never watch this movie again.