WHEN: November 10th, 7:00pm EST, 2012

WHERE: Number 1

FORMAT: DVD on a 19” HP laptop with headphones on. These are on-the-ear headphones and not the earbud variety.

COMPANY: None, I am in my room alone.


  • Now when the John Wayne Collection advertisement plays, all I can think is that My Lady likes Hatari!
  • I mouthed “gross” with Truman.
  • The way that Classical Clive talks about an airplane shedding parts is done in a manner that indicates the airplane was doing it by choice. THAT IS NOT HOW AIRPLANES WORK!
  • Seahaven does not look to have an airport, how could Truman fly out “today”?
  • In the bar, when the bartender and the patron are discussing where Truman’s dad is from, I find it awesome that this was a time before any asshole could whip out a smart phone and tell you the answer via Wikipedia.


I was going to do a viewing on Election Day, since I will not have the opportunity to really do that again. Election Day only comes but once every four years. I don’t think I will watch Truman ever again, and I feel like I missed out. So then I was watching this movie looking from something to tie it into Maine (where I live) passing gay marriage. That seemed like I was reaching and I wanted a topic I could bang on about for around 500 words… so, back to God it is.

The structural set-up for the control room on the Lunar Floor is very much like how the Christian God runs things. You have God at the top and all of his bitch angels taking care of the details. God can intervene whenever he wants, but why would he? He has hoards of willing minions to take care of his master plan. There are people that wear shirts that say “Love him protect him” on them, for fuck’s sake. Truman is the entire reason they exist. This does not make Truman a Jesus character. Despite this picture.

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe was more subtle.

Truman is the creation of Christof, yes, but he is not there to spread his message. Truman is doing that in a way by showing everyone how the world should be according to Christof. That does not make him Jesus, though. This makes him more of an observed Adam. Truman is living in a world where everything is “perfect” and he has everything he could want. He is safe, protected from evils and watched over.

It almost seems as if Truman is going to be the model on which people should be living their lives. Taking the religion aspect as a base model, it seems Christof’s original motivation might have been to save the world through television. The whole concept of The Truman Show, the fictional show, not the movie, seems to be to set up a new way of life or a cult. Sure, the goals and aims are alright in the beginning, but sooner or later you are calling upon the power of the heavens to drown a guy.

Or just imagine peeing on him, whatever comes first.

Planning a television network,because that is what the show turns into, around the life of a guy takes some serious commitment. Honestly, I do not know how it made it through the first two seasons. Who would want to watch a show about a little sack of vomit and puke? The “story” would be less about Truman and more about what set pieces you can surround a baby with. There are only so many times you can show him walking bare-assed on a beach before you have to dangle him over a pit of lions to keep the ratings.

Anyway, Christof has to have some megalomania going on about him. He creates a show based on raising a baby to be worshiped by the masses and he is set up get all the praise. It would be easy to think how someone with megalomania would mirror their infrastructure similar to one that is perceived as all-powerful. It is almost as if the writers of the movie wanted to make the hierarchy of heaven darker in tone. Then, when realizing they were not working on Spawn but “a miraculous movie” (according to Newsweek), they had to pussify their entire project. All the elements are still there. Seahaven is the Garden of Eden, an ideal paradise in its creator’s eyes. Truman is the only true man (ho ho, you clever bastards) in Seahaven. The production crew are the equivalent to angels, and get to do all the bitch work. The unwashed masses were, well, the unwashed masses. Christof is God “The Creator,” dressed like Steve Jobs and wanting everyone to suck him off.

Image courtesy of Tom Vertigo at Vertigo Media Network.