WHEN: October 27th, at 9:42 pm EST, 2012

WHERE: Number 1

FORMAT: DVD on Teletraan 1 via my X-Box



  • Truman dresses like he is colorblind.
  • Sylvia is a less attractive Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman.
  • Meryl is more attractive than Sylvia.
  • I do not understand how Truman’s job works.
  • Is he a telemarketer?
  • How would that be entertaining television?
  • We only see him talking on the phone.
  • Poorly.


I think I have a hard time liking Truman as a character, and can not feel emotionally invested, because he goes nowhere. We are told he wants to be adventurous and explore but it is not really developed. It does come on late in the movie when we see young Truman being told that the world was already explored.  That does not seem like developing a character, that seems more like fixing a fuck-up late in the production. I think I finally have to do it and officially label this movie as a bad movie, and not in any sort of redeeming way like Red Dawn, Evil Dead, Cemetery Gates, Manos: the Hands of Fate, or Santa Claus Conquers the Martians.

If you have never watched this movie, fix that.

The movie has no room to explore itself. I have said before that I think the movie would be greatly improved if we did not learn from minute fucking one that this was all an act. I would prefer if it was shown to us gradually or revealed in a different way. It seems like the stakes are set from the beginning and have no room to be raised through the entire movie. If they were not set from the start, we could feel some tension or guess as to what might be going on with Truman’s sanity. Instead we are told that Truman is the star of a show and that his whole life is being filmed. Well, where do we go from there? How can we up the stakes? We can’t. Plain and simple. There can be nothing exciting injected in the movie that anyone could care about. We know that, from minute one, nothing bad can happen to the main character. Truman has a plot shield around him. Christof will never harm him. He can’t ever really harm Truman. All of the trials and tribulations that Truman, our main character, could ever face can be magically fixed by the production crew that is watching over him. If there is anything he can’t handle, it will be taken care of.

I know many characters have some sort of protective aura around them. There is no way Judge Dredd is going to die, John McClane will be down but never out, and Willow will defeat the evil queen. There is the unspoken sort of knowledge that the main character will make it through the movie. That is why it so heart-wrenching when a character we like is thrown for a curve and doesn’t. I could make a list of characters or movies where the protagonist does not make it through till the end, but that would be just a list of spoilers. The thing about Truman is that the movie does tell us that there is nothing that will happen. Marlon says that “everything is real, it is just controlled.” Anything that ever happens to to Truman is and can be undone, and often is.

The decision to have Truman’s dad return from the dead is a prime example. Truman is having a tough time dealing with the loss of his dad. He is thirty and lost his dad when he was in grade school. It looks to be around the same time Truman was told that the world had already been fully explored, so when Truman was 8. This makes the death of his dad around 20 years prior to the time the movie takes place. No matter how bad things get for Truman, they can always be fixed. His wife leaves him, because of his actions, and the next day he is given a sexy co-worker. Problem solved.

Have I got a girl for you!

The more I think about it, the more Truman is less a character in a film, and more a Sim. The Truman Show is a live action version of the Sims. Truman is Christof’s created character and everyone else is the computer-generated filler. It is as if Christof took the concept of the game and ramped it up to an insane level. I… I think I just made Truman interesting again… FUCK.