Last night (September 28) I had a dream that I was watching an indie movie starring Ted Danson and John Cusack.

Ted Danson played a character named John Cusack, and John Cusack played someone else, possibly a villain. The two of them sat on a small stone wall in a middle class neighborhood and talked about boring things. It was quirky, and obnoxiously meta. Most of the intended humor was derived from the fact that Danson’s character was named John Cusack, while Cusack’s was not. Both gave decent performances. I would at best give this nonexistent movie a generous two out of four stars.

Later in the night I dreamed that Ted Danson would make a good Cardassian.

Sometimes you want to go where everybody oppresses Bajor.


Having watched High Fidelity 39 times so far this year, and having watched 9 seasons of Cheers in roughly the same period of time, a better question might be why hadn’t I had a Danson/Cusack dream earlier?

In point of fact, I have had very few High Fidelity dreams, period. In mid July I had a few, but aside from that, nothing. This is also the first Cheers-related dream I can recall having.

In any event, I hope that there was nothing prophetic about my vision of a mediocrely quirky Danson/Cusack cinematic team-up. I would, however, endorse a Danson presence in any future Star Trek productions.