WHEN: September 22nd, at 3:20pm EST, 2012

WHERE: Number 8

FORMAT: DVD on Teletraan 1 via my X-Box



  • I think that I like Noah Emmerich the most out of the “main cast.”
  • Ed Harris is the best actor in this movie.
  • Not just over all.
  • Like, NOT  judging him by his other films or anything.
  • Just he is the best actor in this movie.
  • Based on the acting in this movie.
  • Like if there was an acting-a-thon.
  • Ed Harris gets the gold.
  • Paul Giamatti and Noah Emmerich tie for the gold.
  • I keep bitching about the radio.
  • I have an MP3 radio tuner.
  • When the signals get mixed that does not happen.
  • Mostly static.
  • Sometimes the Spice Girls.
  • I like ’90s music.
  • I do not think that this movie can hold my attention for very long any more.
  • I know what is going to happen next as soon as I see the scene before it.
  • I purge my mind after watching this so I can not quote it.
  • I would not want to.
  • But it is the same song and dance.
  • This is why I used to rent video games over movies when I used to go to Movie Gallery.
  • Video games can be different.
  • Movies are the same.
  • Not that I don’t love movies.
  • As I have grown up from my preteen to teen self to my now twentysomething self, I have started appreciating movies more than games.
  • They both seem like they are a lot of work to make, though.
  • I don’t see many black-and-white video games made in someone’s garage with a guy in a suit pretending to be a monster.
  • I miss movies from the ’50s.
  • Not the fake movie in Truman, though.
  • Show Me the Way to Go Home.
  • It sounds boring.
  • This Island Earth, Godzilla, The Blob.
  • I like those movies.
  • I do not really like this Truman movie any more.

This is the last viewing I will be doing at Number 8. I will be moving out to the west coast in the near future and I couldn’t be happier with that decision. So, what does this mean as far as Cinema 52? My viewings will all be marked with Pacific Standard Time.
I find myself almost tuning the movie out at this point, though this has more to do with it being the last time I will watch this in this apartment. I am also thinking about how many times I have sat in the same spot between my computer and Teletraan 1 to record my thoughts about Truman and Seahaven as they come to me. It is weird to think about how many times I have watched this movie in this exact same way. This movie has been a prominent part of my living at number 8, since Cinema 52 has been going on for over half of the time I have been living here.

Now, it could be speculated that some sort of escapist mentality has taken over me. Truman is all about getting out of your boring life and seeing what is out there, and that is just about what I am doing. I have lived in Maine my entire life. Number 8 is really only the second place I have lived. That is, if you do not count college. I have traveled a bit, driving from Maine to Tennessee a couple of times, as well as driving out to South Dakota. Always driving. never flying. It is not that I am opposed to flying (I have done aerobatics in a plane), I just think that you see more and meet more interesting people when you drive. I think that when you fly, you are missing out on some of the experience. If you can take the time to travel by driving, I say do it. Traveling is like cooking, low and slow is better than hot and fast.

I got sidetracked there. Anyway, I am saying goodbye to Number 8. And because of Truman, all I can think to say is, ” In case I don’t see you, good afternoon, good evening and good night.”