Notebook, activate!

That looks… activated.

Alright, friends. To the notes. Week 37.

Sep. 10, 2012
8:29am EST – Texting someone about how TIE fighters work. Thought of the phrase “thrust-to-weight ratio,” which Charlie says in Top Gun.

Hey, thanks, Internet!

Sep. 12, 2012
5:23am EST – Having trouble falling asleep. Thought of “(Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay” to soothe me, completely forgetting that it’s in Top Gun.

Sep. 13, 2012
approx. 6am EST – Dreamed I was watching Top Gun in a theater. [Full description here if you like that sort of thing.]


That’s it, you guys.

I speculated in my last batch of results that I may have taken in all the Top Gun there is to take in. With my brain finally calibrated, I’m just going to have less results.

OR, did my Detox Box experiments have an effect? A lot of my results did involve music from the film. Well, I want to make sure my article on that has lots of charts and graphs and reads like real science, so I’ll speculate on it there. And then I can move on to my other 49 articles.

Since we’re so short this week and you deserve your money’s worth, I’ll do some not-so-notebook-worthy speculation that I’ve been meaning to talk about for a while: has watching Maverick every week made me more confident?

Pictured: confidence?

Fellow Cinemanaut Ty has especially pushed for me to talk about this. I’ve been hesitant, because I think Maverick is kind of an asshole, so me being more like Maverick means I’m becoming (?) an asshole.

Basically, I can’t stop turning on the charm when I’m around women. I have no idea what’s bringing this on, but just in case it’s Top Gun, I’m going to talk about it.

Lately, I find myself just up and talking to women the second I’m attracted to them. This is not how I normally operate. I’m an observer; I like to watch, gather data, weigh some risk…

“If you think, you’re dead.”

That’s Maverick talking about flying, but in the world of Tom Cruise/Tony Scott collaborations, when he’s talking about a vehicle, he’s really talking about women. I… I don’t want to be that kind of dick. BUT, macho ego shit aside, I’m starting to see the merits of that mentality when it comes to meeting potential romantic ladypals.

Every week, I watch Maverick use his terrible pick-up lines and fail hard. He persists, and then he gets the lady. It’s an awful love story, to be sure, but every week, the lesson “just go for it and keep trying” is being reinforced in my mind. Is it popping back up when I meet someone I’m attracted to? It’s not like I see anything from the movie when I make my move, but I also don’t picture all the hot stoves I’ve ever seen when I avoid touching a hot stove.

That is a sexy, sexy stove.

I bring this up now because I’ve been dating more this year than I ever have in my life. I’ve mentioned before that I’ve gone through some other major life changes this year (moving, living with Becca, shift change at work), so it’s hard to pin down what’s having an effect on certain aspects of my life, Top Gun or not. What’s also interesting is that all this “going for it” seems to be working. That’s the real surprise.

That surprise often hits me in real time. I’m on a ten-second delay when this happens. There’s a lot of “Did I just say that?” and “This is working?” going on in my head as I talk. And lately, “I’m making a move on her? What am I doing?” Be they somebody out of my league or someone I shouldn’t get with for logistical reasons, I’ve stopped hesitating.

Again, is it from all the Top Gun? No idea. All I know is that I’ve had more women call me sweet or charming or sexy over the last few weeks than ever before, and that, my friends, is a data spike.