Let’s inflate this taco!

That’s something people say, right?

This week’s lateness is brought to you by Overtime and Being a Comedian With Some Gigs for a Change.

And now, the effects of Top Gun on the human brain after watching it for 36 weeks.

Sep. 2, 2012
6:18am EST – Watching Star Trek: The Next Generation, “Aquiel.” Geordi said, “I don’t know.” I said aloud, “I just don’t know.” Didn’t realize I was quoting Jester from Top Gun until it was too late.

Sep. 3, 2012
3:04pm EST – A co-worker mentioned a game called Cards Against Humanity which contains a card labeled “A montage of sweaty shirtless men playing volleyball.” Tried to fight it, but saw Val Kilmer spinning the volleyball in my mind. So thanks, co-worker.

Sep. 4, 2012
12:38pm EST – Texted “Squash that rumor.” Heard Slider shouting, “Squash that sucker, yeah!” Almost typed “sucker.”

Sep. 6, 2012
7:06pm EST – On the phone with Ty, who described a police incident thusly: “JESUS CHRIST!” Heard Mav say: “I could take the shot right here!”

Sep. 7, 2012
2:09pm EST – Told a woman I was falling for her. Immediately saw Charlie saying, “I just don’t want anyone to know that I’ve fallen for you.” Thanks for invading my romantic life, movie.


My God, five results? That’s… wait, that’s not bad. Huh. Why have they gone down?

Here’s my theory: I’m getting good at this. I think I’ve absorbed the movie. I mostly know what is and isn’t relevant to my life, and as much as I might have thought that the later weeks were going to be the worst, I might have hit the threshold. I’m out of things to remember about Top Gun because I’ve got it all now.

I only know this because this entry is late, but let’s play pretend: I wonder if I’ll have even fewer results next week…

See you in your dreams, asshole.