WHEN: September 1st, 1:00 pm EST, 2012. Paused the movie at 1:22pm because we were joined by My Lady’s friend, I resumed at 2:00pm and was joined by My Lady and her friend at 2:17pm.

WHERE: Number 18, this place is My Lady’s place on Cape Cod. FIRST VIEWING OUT OF THE STATE OF MAINE! Take that, Bill, John, and… Bill and John!


COMPANY: My Lady, her father, and her friend for a little while.

PHYSICAL AND MENTAL STATE: Relaxed and happy. This is the first time My Lady (and I think everyone else) has seen the movie. My Lady knows a bit about the movie already having listened to it in the background before.


  • My Lady’s father recognized the location where the movie was filmed instantly.
  • I wonder if Truman is talking to Chloe when he is getting directory assistance for Fiji.
  • My Lady instantly knew the actor who plays Lawrence, Truman’s boss.
  • The camera corners annoy My Lady… a lot.
  • Parrot Lamp!
  • My Lady noted that all the women look like they have stage makeup on.
  • I still want the “It Could Happen to You” poster in the travel agency.
  • Around 2:31, My Lady left to take a shower.
  • Showers are better than The Truman Show.
  • It looks as if Truman is not wearing a seat belt when he is driving around the rotary and across the bridge.
  • Marlon and Truman went to the same schools and got the same grades, yet Truman ended up as an insurance agent and Marlon a vending machine stock person.
  • My DVD always is quiet when the announcer for Tru Talk is giving his speech thing. I found out that this is due to the fact that his audio is being pumped thought the center speaker for a 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound system.
  • My lady returned from her shower just in time to see the dome when they show it on Tru Talk. She said, “Shit.”
  • I was talking with My Lady’s friend, who is very very very familiar with sailing. She confirmed my suspicions that BOATS DO NOT WORK THAT WAY!
  • And if boats did work that way, they would be barely afloat and the open cabin would be filled with water.
  • Also, Truman should not have lashed himself to the boat.
  • If he was with people, they should have lashed themselves together as to not get lost and to be rescued more easily.


My Lady, her father, and her friend did not know anything about The Truman Show before sitting down to watch it with me. Nothing at all. Well, that is not entirely true. My Lady had listened to some of the audio from the movie before viewing it. She was a little interested to see the visuals that went along with what she had been hearing via Skype. She lives in San Francisco and was back on the east coast for a visit. Hence why she has heard the audio and has not had the opportunity to sit down and watch the movie with me.

They all had similar reactions. My Lady’s father got bored and wandered off before we had to pause the movie for the arrival of My Lady’s friend. My Lady’s friend did not really care about the movie, and was not impressed with how unrealistic the boat scene was. My Lady got up and did some other things after her friend and the shower bit. Afterward, she confided in me that the movie was (and I quote) “boring.” That pretty much sums it up.

I know that if given the choice I would not watch this movie ever again. It does not do anything for me. I do not receive any stimulation from it. That could be from having to watch it over and over again, but I do not think that is it. I am sure that having all of the repeat viewings might play into not receiving any stimulation, but I think that the movie itself is the reason for it. It was stimulating once or twice, when I was trying to invent reasons for it to be engaging. The movie just, well, sucks. I do not know of any other word that I could use there.

There are big ideas at play, way in the background, but the movie only hints at them. Instead of diving into anything, the movie plays it safe, pandering to everyone, and that simply ruins it. It seems like the producers were trying to hit all the demographics at once, from old to young, and diluted the story into a bland hour-and-a-half. Unflavored gelatin, soggy plain oatmeal, unbuttered white bread, tofu. I do not understand how people like this movie. I really don’t.

Bland goodness.

You want to know a movie that I love but has nothing going on in it? Secondhand Lions. Literally the only exciting action scenes in that movie are the opening plane flyby and a couple of the flashbacks. That is it. And yet, the movie has a grand idea of what family is, and interesting characters that have meaning behind every word and action. In Truman, the only person I can kind of see having that sort of presence is Christof. He has a plan/goal and Ed Harris tries to show that in his portrayal. You can argue that Truman is just trying to find meaning in his own life, but honestly there is nothing that happens in the movie that makes me want to care about Truman. Nothing at all. He is a living incarnation of a Stepford Wife thrust into the role of a main character. He only goes against what he is told twice in the entire movie (he does not go into work once, and does not turn around at the power plant).

It would be one thing if we see him coming to understand that the world he lives in is fake, but we never do. Yes, he is on the right path when he tries to drive out of Seahaven, but this is all undone by one moment. When he sees his “father,” he is totally happy. The character is portrayed as being relieved and vindicated that his suspicions about his father were right all along, that his father is still alive. Why does this translate to Truman all of a sudden knowing that Seahaven is being watched by cameras (you never had a camera in my head) or how to avoid said cameras (he has the most recognizable face on the planet he can not just disappear)? It seems that, at this point, Truman is given knowledge the audience has.

This movie just could have been done a lot better. Every week I seem to realize that more and more.