Ah, dreams. What a wonderful paradise of head junk.

It’s the morning of September 13, 2012. Approximately 6am EST.

Everything is black in this dream. As in, I can’t see. But I can hear “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin'” playing. I scrunch into a ball and try to “unhear” the song. Then I hear the voice of my comedian friend Paul, who says: “It’s okay, Bill. It doesn’t count if you’re watching the movie.” I open my eyes and I’m in a movie theater. Top Gun is on the screen. I’m sitting near Paul and we’re surrounded by randomly generated generic dream women, nobody I actually know. I’m relieved that the movie is on. Suddenly, oily black goo drips from the ceiling on to my arm. I believe I made a Spider-Man 3 joke, but I can’t recall what it was. I remember going to the bathroom to wash my arm and Bon Jovi was playing on the radio. Then I woke up.

Reasons I May Have Had This Dream:

  • For starters, I’ve been watching Top Gun every week of 2012.
  • I believe my comedian friend Paul was there because I recently stopped into a bar that he hosts an open mic at and asked how it was going.
  • About a week and a half ago, I had a conversation with some co-workers about whether or not Top Gun would be released in 3-D this year following the death of Tony Scott. I assume this is why I was watching it in a theater.
  • During a recent viewing, I had “Danger Zone” stuck in my head during a scene in Top Gun that did not have “Danger Zone” in it. I decided that results occurring while watching the movie don’t count. Perhaps my subconscious disagrees.
  • No idea about the black goo. It was definitely just oil, not the symbiote from Spider-Man 3. I am often thinking about Spider-Man 3.
  • Bon Jovi was probably playing in the bathroom because of my Top Gun Detox Box experiment, part of which involves listening to Slippery When Wet to knock the songs from Top Gun out of my head. I believe it played in a bathroom because “Livin’ On a Prayer” came on the last time I was in a bathroom with music.

“If it’s yellowwwww… let it mellowwwww…”

So. Yeah.