WHEN: 8:50PM EST, September 1, 2012

WHERE: At my apartment in Portland, ME (Alderaan)

FORMAT: Blu Ray on a Vizio 47″ LCD HDTV




I have been watching an obscene amount of Cheers recently.  This is probably why, after a long, unproductive, and irritating day at work, I decided to stop at a small bar on the way home. I had pushed my viewing till the end of the week again, so I knew I had High Fidelity waiting for me at home, and I wasn’t looking forward to it. So I pounded down a couple of cheep beers and walked home. I stopped at the store and picked up some chicken strips and a six pack of Rolling Rock.


I don’t remember all that much about the viewing, but I left myself some notes.

– “A remix of previous thoughts.” This one requires some explanation. Having now watched High Fidelity 35 times this year, I very infrequently have new thoughts about the movie.  Rather, the images on the screen just bring up memories of previous viewings.  When I see the records hanging in the window, I think of my cat viewing from back in February.  When the color on someone’s shirt seems to pop out at me, I think of my Blu-Ray viewing from two weeks ago.

-“WHY do I Do Drunk viewings? THeY Suck!”

-“Time moves by too slow. and the passing of time is the only thing that matters.”

-“Rivers of unhappy thoughts”

-“Fuck This Shit”

You can tell I was serious by the fancy handwriting.

-Eighteen minutes in, I had some pulled pork sandwiches.

-“Rob’s mom will never sleep again.” She states in the movie, that if Rob and Laura weren’t doing well, she would never get any sleep. Hence this conclusion.

-“Laura’s Leather Bag” looked very nice on Blu-Ray

-“Rob + Barry secret fingershake”

Likely the fingershake aforementioned.

-“¡IAN [last name removed]!” I remembered that I knew a person named Ian in college who was a real asshole. It’s surprising that I never thought of him previously. I really hated that guy.

-“Marie De Salles Hat! -Bright” Another piece of clothing that looks nicer on Blu-Ray.

-“B in Phone Pre Soul Girl.” I’m at a loss as to what that means.

-For the first time, I noticed a sign reading “Al Capone Drank Here Often” in the bar where Rob drinks and explains why Liz called him an asshole.

-“37:00 Have Mix tapes become too Cliche? AVQ Deathknell. Ironic. Sadstory.”

-“Liz’s Shirt. More fabric”

-“No excuse fore sleeping w/ someone Else” I note, once again, that while Rob has excuses for everything else Laura could accuse him of, he has no excuse for this.

-“Who Needs a Drink, who Loves the Sun”

-“Joelle Carter – You areawesome.”

-“How mmany Robots Does charlie Have.”

-“MAKE sense of this shit, AssHole.”

I think I might be getting tired of watching this movie.